5 Styles to Give Your Long Hair More Oomph.

5 Styles to Give Your Long Hair More Oomph

While short hair can easily be brushed out or straightened down, styling long hair takes a little more know-how. Read more the long hair tips.

There’s nothing as classic, elegant and chic as long hair. This length of hair never really goes out of style; everyone from royalty to celebrities to rock stars have sported stylish long hair for many years.

That being said, it's the little details that need attention to make your long tresses look good. Here, we’ve listed 5 hairstyles that make long hair more manageable without compromising on your style quotient.

1. Traditional Pony

Don’t just throw your long hair up in a ponytail and leave it there; spice it up. Use a cool hair tie or sport it higher on your head. This is one long hair tip that can make you look chic in a flash.

2. Wavy

So, you have naturally straight hair but are bored with it? No problem, you can make it a little wavy easily by curling it and brushing out the curls. By adding in waves, you actually add more body to your hair too. A curling iron is your friend!

3. Go Curly

If you have the time to curl your hair up, just do it ladies. It looks wild yet classy! So, don’t brush out the curls, instead leave your hair completely curly. Make sure you have some time on your hands though because this one takes a really long time to achieve. But totally worth it!


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4. Braids

This one’s an easy but effective alternative to the ponytail. What do you do? Braids look quirky and are really convenient to wear too. This is definitely one of the first styling tips for long hair that every girl should know.

5. Straight

If your long hair is too frizzy you might want to break out the straightener! Yes, long hair can take a while to straighten, but the result is definitely worth it. Just remember to use a heat protector so your hair doesn't fry.

Ladies, care for your long hair because it is one of your most treasured assets. It’s rare and you definitely don’t want to cut that long mane and risk looking, well, normal. And you don’t need to, now that you know these 5 great ways to style it. Also, nothing against the women with short crops, but men definitely prefer long hair to it!

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