5 Side-Swept Wedding Reception Hairstyles to Sweep Them off Their Feet.

5 Side-Swept Wedding Reception Hairstyles to Sweep Them off Their Feet

Dressing up for a wedding is fun. You can go all-out without worrying about looking too dressed up. Your outfit and accessories are a bit more flamboyant and dazzling than your daily look (unless it’s not). How about a hairstyle that matches? Side swept hairstyles are amazing because they let you show off your flawless skin, your accessories and the back of your outfit, if spectacular.

There’s something glamorous about side swept hairstyles. It makes you look more chic and, well, simply more glamorous. And the best part is that you don’t need very long hair for side hairstyles.

From sweeping your loose hair to the side, to tying it up in a side braid, or even piling it on top with a side bun, there are several hairstyles that you can carry off at a wedding reception that’ll make heads turn and gazes linger, whether you’re a bride or a guest.

1. The Curly Side Swept Style


This style is perfect for curly hair as well as straight hair. Simply curl your hair and brush it to one side. Use a decorative pin to keep the hair in place. Choose your usual parting, or sweep it to the other side to give your face a new look. You know what looks really classy? Letting your side-swept hair fall over the same shoulder as yoursaree is draped over.

2. The Messy Low Side Bun with Waves


We love this look on a saree. Start with a low, loose bun on one side. Make sure it’s held in place behind the ear with bobby pins. Don’t pull in the front hair but let those locks hang loosely around your face.

3. The Sleek Side Sweep Look


The next chic hairstyle to keep in your kitty is the sleek side sweep. This hairstyle was made to be flaunted in nightclubs when you’re out with your girlfriends.


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Spray a smoothing serum to your damp hair.Using a flat brush, gently comb the hair to the side you want. Use an iron to straighten the wavy parts. Use a strong gel and hold the end with a pin until dry. Finish the look with a strong-hold spray and a shine serum.

Avoid this look if you have a round or square face.

4. The Unconventional Side-Do


We’ve all heard of the up-do hairstyle. How about trying the side-swept up-do, or the side-do?There’s something immensely classy about carrying this side-swept style into a formal event.

Apply a medium-hold mousse to damp hair. Use a round brush toadd volume. Take sections from the centre and curl them gently. Take the hair at the bottom and pull into a loose ponytail. Let the top portion on the hair drapeover the ponytail. Pull hair strands from both sides and pin them to keep them loosely in place. Finish with a strong-hold spray. You can add flowers and beaded pins to add more oomph to the look.

You can carry off this look if you have medium to fine hair and a square face.

5. The Side Fish Tail


This hairstyle is currently making the rounds in Bollywood today. It goes very well with traditional outfits and looks equally good on western wear.

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