5 Shoulder Length Hairstyles to Rock This New Year

5 Shoulder Length Hairstyles to Rock This New Year

The New Year has begun and while the year’s first party is over, the mood to dress up and be seen is still strong. You’ve got the dresses, the shoes, the accessories and even the right person to hangout with. How about an awesome hairstyle to flaunt as well?

Do something different with your hair this New Year. The celebratory mood is still new and the excitement hangs expectant in the air. How will you change your look to greet the new year? 

If you have a shoulder length haircut, there are several hairstyles that you can explore. We’ve selected five of our favourite hairstyles for shoulder length hair. Classy and at the same time easy to put together, which one will you go for? 

Top 5 Hairstyles to Sport This New Year

#1: Go Vintage with Curls

Go completely retro with this vintage hairstyle that makes best use of tight curls and a side parting. 

Creating the look:

  1. Part your hair neatly on one side.
  2. Take random sections from the side with more hair.
  3. Twist your locks around a small barrel curling iron to get tight curls.
  4. Use a strong hold hairspray to keep the style in place. 

You can rock this shoulder length hairstyle irrespective of the shape of your face.

#2: A Modern Bouffant 


What is truly amazing about shoulder length hairstyles is the amount of hair you have to play with. Not too much and not too little. 

Creating the look:

  1. Use a large barrel curling iron to create random waves.
  2. With a wide-toothed comb, tease the crown area to create a high bouffant.
  3. Roll the loose hair into a bun and secure with decorative bob pins or sparkling accessories.
  4. Use a strong hold finishing spray.

The height of the style makes this the perfect shoulder length haircut for round faces. Also, if you have a bit longer hair, you could rock a party by learning the braided bun updo. Wondering how to make the braided bun updo? Check out this step by step braided bun hairstyle tutorial here.


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#3: The Half-Up Rocker

Sweep your hair away from your face but also let it hangloose. Even better if you have curly hair.

Creating the look:

  1. Take a large barrel curling iron and curl random sections of your hair.
  2. Lightly backcomb the crown area and the top of the head.
  3. Gather the hair into a loose half ponytail.
  4. Use decorative bobby pins or aband to secure the hair.
  5. Liberally apply a strong hold hairspray.

#4: The Sleek and Shiny Look


There is nothing to beat a silky smooth and sleek hairstyle when you have a shoulder length haircut. Drop dead gorgeous, this style adds a lot of oomph instantly. 

Creating the look:

  1. Apply a styling product to wet or damp hair.
  2. Using a paddle brush blow dry your hair until it is smooth and straight.
  3. Liberally apply a thermal protection spray.
  4. Tame and smoothen any wayward curls or waves using a flat iron.
  5. Take a gloss serum to add a shine to your hair.

Sport this look if you have a wide or round face, and you’ll have heads turning with every toss of your hair.

#5: The High Ponytail

Show-off the gorgeous new dangly earrings with this classy, neat and no-fuss-no-mess hairstyle. The best part is that you can put this up in a jiffy if you have silky straight hair.

Creating the look:

  1. Using a paddle, brush blow dry and smoothen out damp hair.
  2. Tame wayward curls with a flat iron.
  3. Gather all the hair into a high ponytail.
  4. Use decorative bobby pins or a band to secure the hair.
  5. Apply a serum to add gloss to the hanging hair.

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