5 Quick Hair Fixes to Keep in Your Purse

5 Quick Hair Fixes to Keep in Your Purse

Do you know what 5 items can reverse a bad hair day? Read on to find out.

In a dream world, we’d be able to take the time to perfectly style our hair each and every morning, and it would stay put for the entire day. No brushes, no touch ups, just perfectly perfect hair.

Our reality? Not so much. Rushed mornings, dirty hair, awful weather, up-dos that won't stay up — there are countless things that could go wrong, but here are five things that can turn a bad hair day into a quite-nice one without much work. The MacGyver of hair fixes, if you will.

1. Bobby pins

Bobby pins are a savior, but did you know that you're probably using them the wrong way? In fact, did you know that the ridged side of the bobby pin should be facing downwards into your scalp? (If you did, congratulations — seriously!) First off, the pin grips the hair better, and, secondly, the end that usually points upward will be hidden in the hair. Genius!

2. Dry shampoo
Need a little more volume? Try dry shampoo. Need to fix some greasies? Dry shampoo. We’re telling you: Dry shampoo can make day(s)-old hair look freshly washed in about 2 minutes, and it doesn't involve any dampening of the hair. Just shake a little of the powder into your roots and brush out. Voilá! Great hair. 

3. Hairspray
A travel-sized hairspray is a must. You never know when you’ll need it!

4. Mini-toothbrush
If you are sporting an up-do or dealing with stubborn flyways, the above-mentioned hair spray and a mini-toothbrush will be your best friends. Just spray the toothbrush head with a little bit of hairspray and smooth out any flyaways around the hairline. The spray will ensure the hairs stay put, and a toothbrush won't snag your hair, like most traditional combs. (Just make sure to not brush your teeth with it.)

5. Clear Ponytail Holders
When all else fails, throw your unruly mane into a simple ponytail, braid or topknot. Clear ponytail holders keep your look streamlined and chic, and will keep the focus off the holder itself. Stay away from the scrunchies — you’re a grown up! (Even if we don’t want to be all the time.)

And although we’ve all woken up from that dream world in which we can take as much time as we want on our hair, it doesn’t mean we should give up. Because moms, like the mail, don’t stop for wind, rain, sleet or snow. 


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