5 Quick and Dirty Second Day Hairstyles

5 Easy Second Day Hairstyles For Unwashed, Dirty Hair

The day you wash your hair it looks absolutely amazing. But one day later, after having spent an entire day traveling, working, perhaps at the gym too, your hair is limp, dull and not to mention, grimy too. You can’t possibly wash your hair every day. Then what’s the solution?

The thing about hair is that it gets dirty very quickly. Dust, pollution, sweat, hair products – all combine to turn beautiful hair into limp, dull and grimystrands. You can’t wash your hair every day. Not just because there isn’t enough time, but also because excessive washing can dry out your tresses.

How do you, then, manage dirty hair when you have to step out? There are a host of easy second day hairstyles that you can try. With these styles, your glam quotient stays up and no one is the wiser about what lies beneath.

Style #1: The 2 minute updo


Styling second day hair needn’t be time consuming. It should be the exact opposite, in fact.

How to do the 2 Minute Updo

  1. Wear an elastic headband like a crown.
  2. Roll all your hair and twist it up to your crown.
  3. Tuck in all the hair into the headband.
  4. Fasten smaller loose strands with pins.

Style #2: The braided bun


Combine two styles in one with this simple and amazing look.

How to make a braided bun:

  1. Centre part your hair. Loosely braid one side far from your ear. Fasten the end with a clear band.
  2. Do the same to the other side.
  3. Join the two braids by pulling one braid through the other one. Secure the two together with a pin.
  4. Pull up the resulting look into a messy bun.

Check out another braided bun hairstyle tutorial - the upside down French Braid bun. This video tutorial will help you get a great, non-fussy look!

Style #3: French Twist

French Twist Hairstyle For Unwashed Hair


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Back comb and twist your dirty hair out of sight with this chic second-day hairstyle.

How to make a French Twist Hairstyle:

  1. Using a teasing comb, tease all your hair.
  2. Separate a section on the side and pin it away temporarily.
  3. Take the remaining hair and make a French braid on the side.
  4. Twist the braid and bring it to the other side. Secure it with hair pins.
  5. Take the section you’d left out and tuck it into the French braid twist.
  6. Finish with a hairspray.

Style #4: Double twist ponytail bun


Only you will know that the hair inside this chic style is messy and dirty.

How to make double twist ponytail bun:

  1. Take the hair from the crown and using large clips, get it out of the way.
  2. Take the remaining hairand fashion into a tight pony tail.
  3. Release the clipped hair and do the same with it, keeping the two ponies close.
  4. Take the two ponytails and twistthem around each other, making a coil. Once you reach the end of the two ponytails, wrap the lose end around the base of the two ponytails, making a bun.
  5. Use pins to secure the bun and spray on a finishing spray.

Style #5: Messy braid for short hair


Short hair gets dirty too. In the last of our hairstyles for unwashed hair, here’s one for short to medium length hair.

How to make messy braid for short hair:

  1. Take a clump of hair from the top of your hair closest to your face and begin braiding it.
  2. Braid the hair backwards braid so it moves away from your face.
  3. Add more hair as you move backwards.
  4. Continue this way till you get to the back centre of your head.
  5. Pin the braid temporarily.
  6. Repeat this on the other side as well.
  7. Tie the two braids together with a clear rubber band.
  8. Loosely gather all the remaining hair and tie it into a pony.

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