5 Natural Ways to Regrow Your Lost Hair.

5 Natural Hair Regrowth Tips

In a desperate attempt to regrow lost hair, people use all kinds of treatments like chemical solutions, hair plugs and even surgery, which sometimes can be dangerous and other times, have less than favourable outcomes.

Rather than succumbing to expensive and potentially harmful ways to regrow your hair, it is recommended you go natural. Techniques like scalp massages, herbal oils and dietary alterations are tried-and-tested remedies that truly work. Plus, you don’t want to risk losing more hair owing to the side effects of chemicals do you? These 5 hair regrowth techniques are simple and really helpful.

Head Massages

A head massage is by far, one of the healthiest hair regrowth tips. Besides improving blood circulation, it drains out toxins too. The best oils you can use for a massage are coconut, almond and olive. If you don’t know how to go about the massage, let us tell you. Simply apply the oil evenly over your scalp and massage it gently using the pads of your fingers. Do this for about 15 minutes and then leave it on for an hour before you wash it off. Do this once a week, at least, for best results.

The Herbal Rinse

Nurture and condition your hair the natural way with herbal rinses. Herbal infusion post shampooing is a great practice to stimulate hair growth. Amla, shikakai, hibiscus, marigold, lavender, methi, and lemon, orange and mint are all great herbs for this.

Say No to Conditioner

If hair loss is your problem then the incorect application of conditioner is your enemy. To avoid this problem altogether, try using natural leave-in conditioners like oils or plant butters; they condition as well as care for your hair. Coconut, almond and olive are the best oils to use whereas shea, kokum and aloe butter are your best bets as far as plant butters are concerned.


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Use a Wide Tooth Comb

Wide tooth combs, especially wooden ones, are so much gentler on your scalp than fine tooth combs. What’s more, wide tooth combs help distribute the sebum produced by your scalp evenly throughout your hair, stimulating hair growth.

Rub Your Fingernails Together  

Did you know that rubbing your fingernails against each other actually stimulates natural hair growth? Yes, it may sound absurd but this ancient technique works. There’s plenty of evidence to support it online; so do your research if you don’t buy it.

While you may be thinking that these tips are too good to be true, suffice to say that sometimes the answers lie in the most obvious places. What’s more, the fact that each of these techniques can be executed right from the comfort of your home is encouraging, if anything. While the sceptical and cynical part of you might say “If only it was that easy”, we suggest you give in to your optimistic side and say, “Hey, I’ve already lost my hair; what more have I got to lose?” 

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Yes I do agree with tips of natural way of growing hair rubbing nails especially.. How it works is we have nerve endings at the tip of fingers, when we rub nails together they get stimulated and there is blood rush so it stimulates the hair root.

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