5 Minute Hairstyles That’ll Make Your Mornings Easier

5 Minute Hairstyles That Will Make Your Morning Routine Easier

If you can’t resist the snooze button, yet don’t want to look like a bedhead, these 5 minute hairstyles are just for you.

They say a woman’s work never ends and they are so damn right! Between the house, office and the kids, the last thing you have time for is yourself. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look your very best when you leave the house.

These time-saving 5 minute hairstyle ideas are so quick and easy, they’ll actually help you get more out of your busy morning. They’re uncomplicated, fuss-free, and yet oh so trendy and stylish. No complicated steps. No special products. No curling irons or hair dryers. Just plain simple sexy!

3 Amazing Morning Hairstyle For A Busy Woman

#1 Ponytail with a Twist

One of the quickest and simplest 5 minute hairstyles for long hair, you can do this while waiting for the traffic light to change.

  1. Comb out the tangles from your hair, make a mid-parting and divide it into 2 equal sections.
  2. Bring the 2 sections to one side of your head over your shoulder and tie them together into a single knot.
  3. Now tie them into a double knot.
  4. Secure with an elastic band or accessorize with a hair clip.

#2 The Criss-Cross Low Bun

Want to make a lasting impression at that important presentation? This 5 minute hairstyle for medium hair comes to the rescue!

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  1. Divide your hair in three sections with the side sections having an equal amount of hair and the middle one slightly more.
  2. Tie the middle section into a low ponytail.
  3. Wrap this ponytail into a bun and secure with pins.
  4. Take the left section of hair over the bun, wrapping the hair around and under it. Pin it firmly in place.
  5. Do the same with the right section of hair.

#3 The Double-Wrap Head Scarf

What do you do when your hair’s too short to do anything? Accessorize it! And nothing makes a trendy style statement better than a vibrant multi-coloured scarf.

  1. Wrap a headscarf around your head keeping one end longer.
  2. Twist the longer end into a tight coil.
  3. Wrap this over the headscarf and tuck in a few bobby pins to secure
  4. Wrap the twisted section over the already placed scarf and secure with a several bobby pins behind the ear.

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