5 Messy Hairstyle Tutorials.

Messy Hairstyle Tutorials - 5 Messy Buns & Braids

It’s ok to not want to go to the effort of making your hair look prim and proper.

Sometimes you’re in too much of a rush to actually take the time to elaborately set your hair. Other times you just want to leave your hair as it is with minimum effort. Whatever your reason, we have a few messy hairstyles that will come to your rescue.

5 Messy, Out of the Bed Look Hairstyle Tutorials

#1 Hair Flip

  1. Shampoo your hair with a mild, nourishing shampoo like Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care
  2. Dry it thoroughly
  3. Side part your hair and gather a section from the thicker side from ahead around to the back, half-way. Apply some hair spray to this section and then flip it to the other side
  4. Blow-dry this section on a low air flow

#2 Glam Roll

  1. Side part your hair in a way that it is aligned with the highest point of your left eyebrow
  2. Using a large curling iron,make your hair a tad wavy
  3. Now gather the hair on the right side of the part
  4. Wrap that section around a rattail comb’s stem
  5. Using your right hand, hold that section and keep wrapping your tresses over, then under, and over until the end of the comb's stem has been arrived at
  6. Use bobby pin to hold in place

#3 Quick Twist

  1. Gather the left side of your hair and begin twisting it close to your ear
  2. Stop when you’ve passed the middle of the section and use a bobby pin to secure in place
  3. Take all the hair from the right section and the remaining hair from the other side and twist them up together
  4. Position this twisted section over the first and use a bobby pin to secure in place
  5. Any hair that was left out should be tucked into your twist
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#4 Messy Bun

  1. Make a ponytail but don’t pull your pony all the way through your elastic; only halfway
  2. Twist elastic as you gather the half of the ponytail that’s at the bottom
  3. Make a bun by pulling the plastic over to your other side
  4. Now give the elastic a good twist
  5. Use the elastic to loop your bun on your other side
  6. Mess your bun up a bit
  7. Tuck stray strands into the elastic. A simple messy bun hairstyle!

Also, check out how to make a braided bun hairstyle with the help of this video tutorial.

#5 Classic

  1. Gently create waves in your hair with a large curling iron
  2. Using a comb, tease your hair roots exactly at the crown
  3. Smooth this hair gently on top
  4. Tie a cool headband roughly an inch away from your hairline; on top of course
  5. Pull out some loose strands and let them fall over the side of your face
  6. The hair that’s left at the back should be bunched up into a largemessy bun and secured using bobby pins

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