5 Incredible Short Hairstyles That Flaunt Your Attitude

5 Incredible Short Hairstyles That Flaunt Your Attitude

Cutting your hair short is exciting, and the options are plenty. What hairstyle you go for depends upon how bold you are.

Short hairstyles look chic and trendy. The styles are getting edgier and women are getting bolder. From on-screen to your everyday women like you and me, suddenly a lot of women are favouring

a hairstyle with an attitude.

The best news is that almost everybody can get away with short hair, irrespective of the shape of the face. Some hairstyles for short hair look better on certain face shapes and depend on your hair texture.

Here are some easy hairstyles for short hair, and the season’s favourites:

The Modern Pixie

More women are experimenting with the boyish-yet-feminine style. It’s bold and edgy, it’s sophisticated and funky, and it’s sexy and cute.

Traditionally a pixie cut has been really short, but the modern version is exploring with chops and textures, and longer bangs.

Pick a pixie cut only if:

You have thick, naturally wavy hair. Thinner hair will stick to the scalp, or you’ll need to fluff it with product.

You have a heart-shaped, square or oval face.

The Mussy Shag

Casual, mussy and visually effortless, this is a hairstyle on-the-go. Imagine lots of choppy ends, a flurry of layers around the top and lots of texture. The best part of this style is that works with virtually every texture and every hair length.


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The Pompadour

What was a 50s hairstyle is now suddenly gaining popularity because of the cool new singers who flaunt it. Think Miley Cyrus and Pink.

This hairstyle is named after the mistress of King Louis XV, Madame de Pompadour, whose style of wearing her hair swept high up off the face became popular.

The Unstructured Bob

A bob hairstyle is always in style.

The bob traces its origin to World War I when women joined the workforce. With no time for pin curls and straightening irons, the bob also became the symbol of freedom and rebellion.

Things to remember if you pick a bob cut:

If you have a round face and the bob will help in slimming it.

If you have thin to medium hair, the bob will add volume.

If you have curly hair, a bob could look like a triangle. To prevent that, cut the hair in layers.

Super-short, edgy cuts

This short, sleek hairstyle adds tons of oomph to your personality. It shows off your jawline and compliments your neck. Pair off with long, dangly earrings to complete the look.

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