5 Hairstyles That Won’t Reveal Your Age

5 Hairstyles That Won’t Reveal Your Age

Youthful looks are not only the result of great skin and a healthy lifestyle. A pair of scissors can do the trick equally well.

Aging is a natural process. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t think so, choosing instead to fawn over all that is young and youthful. And as much as some may tend to disagree, there is evidence of this everywhere – not just in the advertisements that mainly focus only youthful fashion and lifestyle experiences, but also in the habits and behaviour of family and friends who continually wonder how to look younger naturally.

Now as much you may not be bothered by this, there’s no harm in trying out an age-defying new look hairstyle that not only takes the years off your face, but also gives a huge boost to your face and confidence.

5 Hairstyles That Help You Look Younger

Bob with Bangs


If you have wavy or straight hair, a shoulder length bob with bangs is one of the safest options as it suits all face shapes.

If you have fine hair, you’ll want your hair to look fuller so have the ends cut in a straight line.

Dry, frizzy hair is voluminous enough, so soft layers will trim down the heaviness. And if your face is showing peekaboo signs of ageing, framing your face with front layers will send them back into hiding and invite attention to your stunning cheekbones and jawline.

A strand-smoother serum spray makes bobs look fresh and fabulous!

Choppy Layers



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This look is defined by shaggy layers with lots of well-defined, angled pieces. Those with thin hair should go for multiple short layers to create volume. If you’re blessed with thick tresses, longer shaggy layers do a great job of distributing hair more evenly. Chunky, square-edged layers suit long oval faces while a long, feathery cut suits round faces.

Soft Layers


If your hair is thick and textured, soft layers of graduating length till collar bone level can be cut in gentle face-framing pieces to highlight the cheekbone. For fine hair, keep the wisps at or below chin level or else they will appear stringy.

Side Swept Bangs


Side swept bangs play a dual role; they soften your features and heighten the eyes which keeps attention away from the fine lines and wrinkles. Be sure to keep them shaggy and messed up and do not cut the bangs straight across as this will only undo everything you’re trying to hide.

Lighter Hair Colour


Change your hair colour to a shade or two lighter. If you have greys, these can be easily masked by subtle highlights. Lighter coloured hairbrightens the complexion and is a quick fix way that shows you how to look younger.

So, how old did you say you were again?

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