These 5 Hairstyles Won’t Accentuate Your Round Face

5 Hairstyles That Won’t Accentuate Your Round Face

Round faces are perceived as childish. But the right hairstyle can make your face look longer and more adult.

You’ve been blessed with a round face and we say, enjoy it. That being said, if there are certain occasions or times when you need the roundness of your face to look less pronounced, then there are ways you can do it temporarily without anyone knowing otherwise.

5 Hairstyles For Round Faces

Go With Long Layers

Long layers can do wonders to make your face look longer. The layers should start slightly below your chin and be angled outwards. However, when you’re styling it, make sure you curl it away from your face.

Try the Bangs Hairstyle

Go with bangs that fall slightly below your eyebrows. By doing so, you will direct all the attention to your eyes and away from your face. And that’s called positive manipulation!

A Long Bob Cut

Contrary to the classic bob cut which accentuates a round face, the long bob cut gives your hair volume and balances out the roundness. The long bob really works, try it!


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Go Straight

Why? Because shoulder length, straight strands of hair help make round faces look longer and more streamlined. When it comes to fooling people you have to play all the tricks you can!

Side Part It

Side partitions have a tendency to flatter your face but only if they’re done right. The right way of doing it is to part your hair above the middle of either eyebrow. This way you create asymmetry and the illusion of a long face. Isn’t it amazing how a partition can change everything!

Now that you know how you can have the best of both worlds, you can literally face the world without worrying about anything!

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