4 South Indian Bridal Hairstyles To Add a Spin to Your Look

4 South Indian Bridal Hairstyles To Add a Spin to Your Look

Most South Indian women are blessed with thick, long, luscious hair. Cutting hair short hasn’t caught on yet and that opens up the door to many gorgeous hairstyles that can be accessorised wonderfully.

Short hair hasn’t caught on in southern India, and the women there toss their thick, jet-black tresses at us scornfully while we struggle to manage our medium length tresses.

If you’re among those blessed with thick, long hair, you could try south Indian bridal hairstyles at your wedding. There are many south Indian wedding hairstyles for you to choose from and we’ve put together our favourite four.

Believe us, you’ll look stunning, sporting a bridal hair decoration with fresh flowers and gorgeous accessories. If you want, you can try one of these south Indian bridal hairstyles for the reception as well.

1. Simple Braid with ‘Maangtika’ & Floral Accessories


This doesn’t require much skill except knowing how to braid hair. What it does need is a gorgeous maangtika and fresh flowers.

After making the braid and attaching the maangtika to the parting, you can use fresh jasmine flowers to flow over the braid from its point of origin. This is a classic south Indian bridal hairstylefor long hair.


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2. Go Retro with Plait


To create the retro look, simply do a bouffant that adds volume to your hair. Take all hair to one side and make a neat plait. Ensure the hair is pulled to one side and plaited so that it stays that way. Attach a large flower to the side to complete the retro look.

3. Plaits and Jewels


If you can get your hands on some classic traditional south Indian hair accessories, this hairstyle looks absolutely amazing. It’s glamorous and fairly simple to create. All you need is the ability to make a neat plait.

Also, if these traditional hairstyles is something you aren't looking for right now, you can check out these 10 classic Indian bridal hairstyles here.

4. Braids wrapped in Flowers and Jewels


Braid your hair neatly. Attach hair tassels at the end of the braid so that they hang below the length of the hair. Take fresh flower strands and wrap the braid with them covering it in such a way that the flowers cover the hair entirely, leaving no gap between the strands. You can attach a jewelled hair accessory too if you choose.

All these hairstyles are for long hair, but fret not. You can try these styles even if you have short to medium length hair. Simply use hair extensions. Just make sure you have a trained stylist at hand to attach the extensions correctly and create the perfect south Indian bride look that you are aiming for.

If you are rebellious South Indian, and want to try something other than the traditional hairstyles, you can try these amazing bridal bun hairstyles.

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