4 Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Step by Step Hairstyle Tutorial For Medium Hair Length

It seems like medium length hair is neither here nor there but a lot can be achieved with the right hairstyles for medium length hair as your ammo.

Medium length hair is versatile; short enough to easily style and manage, and long enough to try hairstyles that need length. Try these 4 chic hairstyles for medium hair and you will know what we mean.

#1 Vintage Hairstyle

  1. Give your hair a deep side parting
  2. Take a curling wand and wrap sections of your hair around it
  3. Curl all sections
  4. Using a brush, give your curls a light brush-through
  5. Use hairspray to keep style in place
  6. Gently place a headband

#2 Classic Bob

  1. Shampoo your hair with a mild, nourishing shampoo
  2. While your hair is wet, apply a styling product
  3. Divide hair in sections and blow dry
  4. Apply a little hair serum
  5. Style so that your hair is shorter in the back than in the front
  6. Use hairspray to hold the look

#3 Curly Bob

  1. Side part your hair when it is dry
  2. Curl small sections using a curling iron
  3. While curling sections on the top of your head, keep the curling iron horizontal
  4. Curl all your hair and then use your fingers to space our curls
  5. Add volume by backcombing your hairat the roots
  6. Use hairspray to hold the look
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#4 Straight Across Bangs

  1. Middle part your hair when it is dry
  2. Use a flat iron to style your bangs
  3. Pick sections and curl using a curling iron
  4. Separate your curls using your fingers
  5. Use hairspray to hold the look

If you don't have bangs, you could try out fake bangs hairstyle with the help of this video tutorial.

Pro Tip: All the styling, using heating appliances take a toll on your hair! Ensure that you use a nourishing shampoo that can take care of the damage done to your hair. Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care is a great shampoo that ensures you hair is always healthy.

Try these easy hairstyles for medium length hair and you may never want any other length ever again!

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