3 Bun Hairstyles to Look Stunning For Your Wedding Reception.

3 Bun Hairstyles to Look Stunning For Your Wedding Reception

The most awaited day of your life is here and it’s time to start putting down plans for the day. Besides the venue and guest list, and the many functions to plan, you have to choose your outfit, makeup and hairstyles. Have you considered a bun?

You’re getting married! There is so much to be done, from choosing the outfit, to deciding on jewellery and your makeup look. Don’t forget about getting that perfect hairstyle. Tying your hair up in a bun is a classic, no-fuss hairstyle. Besides being very popular, hair buns for Indian weddings areamong the most glamorous ways to show off your neck and wonderful jewellery.

You don’t need very long hair for hair bun styles. It is possible to learn how to make hair buns for short hair. All you need are extensions and bob pins to get a lovely hairdo.

Read on to learn about sophisticated, classic and braided bun hairstyles step by step.



The name says it all. Sophistication, class, elegance and yes, a soft appeal, that’s what you get with this hair style. Whether for the main function or any of the other celebratory events, the side bun is a good hairstyle to consider for your wedding.

Steps to Make the Sophisticated Side Bun

  1. Start with getting some curls. If you are blessed with some, it’s great, else use a curling iron or just sleep with your hair tied up in a loose plait.
  2. The next morning, backcomb the hair on your crown to add more volume.
  3. Move all hair on to one side and hold it in a pony.
  4. Wrap the hair in a doughnut pattern, using pins underneath to hold it in place. Use as many pins as you think you’ll need. You wouldn’t want the hairdo to come loose while you’re in the middle of an event.
  5. Accessorise your hair with a decorative pin or hair jewellery.




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If you’re looking for a quick, no-mess, and yet glamorous hairstyle, how about donning the timeless classic bun?

Creating the doughnut bun

  1. Detangle your hair using a comb. Then, backcomb the hair on your crown to add volume.
  2. Pull the hair together to tie a pony in the middle of your head, not too low, nor too high. Don’t make it too tight or you’ll break hair and also be uncomfortable all the time.
  3. Take the loose portion of your hair and loop it back through the pony holder to form a doughnut. Spread the remaining hair all over and around the doughnut. Use plenty of pins to secure it in place.
  4. You can use flowers on one side to decorate the bun or wrap a gajra around the bun for a classic look



Get two hairstyles in one – with the braided bun hairstyle.

Mastering the double twisted bun

  1. Start with making a centre partition and tying two high ponytails.
  2. Make loose plaits with both the ponytails and secure the ends with a pony holder.
  3. Take the two plaits, and twist them around each other and form a bun.
  4. Use plenty of pins to secure the bun in place.
  5. Leave the front of the hair (if you have a fringe or bangs) loose. Or you can backcomb it, push it forward and pin it.

If hair buns is not your thing, you can try one of these 10 classic Indian bridal hairstyles.

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