3 Ways To Make Your Bangs Look Beautiful.

3 Ways To Make Your Bangs Look Beautiful

Although bangs and fringes are extremely stylish, when they grow out they can get in the way of your eyes or just look the same. However, what many women don't know is that bangs can be extremely versatile. Here are three ways on how to style bangs for a completely different look!

So, a few months ago, you decided to get bangs or a stylish fringe to add to your hairstyle. While that seemed like a great choice, when those bangs start to grow out, they can become problematic. Whether you're planning to trim that old bangs hairstyle (and need to do something with them before your next haircut) or just looking for a change, these three methods of styling your bangs will offer a welcome change!

How To Style Your Bangs & Fringes

Braid Up!

Cute, cheerful and a definite change from your usual look, the hanging front braid adds a new twist to your hairstyle.

1) Start by combing your hair into a deep side parting.

2) Take the front portion of your hair from the parting and braid downwards.

3) Once the braid is down, secure it with a pin (the braid should frame one side of your face)

4) Gather the rest of your hair into a bun, ponytail or leave it loose.

Sweep It Off

Easy and a classic look, you can change your look by trying the “side swept bangs” look.


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1) Blow-dry your hair, creating a nice side part.

2) Sweep your hair to the side.

3) Secure it with a little hairspray.

4) You can leave your hair loose and flowing, or gather it up in a ponytail or bun.

Pin It!

An easy way to get those bangs off your forehead is to simply pin them up. It's called the Pompadour and it's simple and stylish.

1) Comb out your bangs.

2) Put your bangs on the top of your head and push them up slightly.

3) Once you're happy with the height, secure them with a clip or a pin.

And there you have it! Three simple and stylish ways to style your bangs. All you need is a brush, some hair clips and a little bit of adventure. Style away!

And if you have long hair and are unsure of bangs, try this method to fake bangs and see if it suits you.

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