3 Short Hair Party Hairstyles You Can Do In 10 Minutes

3 Short Hairstyles Women Can Wear To Parties!

If you think long locks are the ultimate glamour quotient at a party, don’t be swayed. Short styles are chic and have a way of spicing things up, too!

Short bob hairstyles are a dream to maintain. Their fuss-free nature lets you wash ’n’ walk out of the door without the hassle of time-consuming lengthy drying or styling procedures. While this works well for everyday situations, most women feel limited when it comes to dressing up for a party. There is only so much you can do and you can almost count the party hairstyles for short hair on your fingers, right? Wrong!

If styled well, short hairstyles for women can be just as glamorous and head turning as luscious locks. They can work for any kind of hair - curly, wavy or straight – or weather, and their stunning simplicity is what makes them stand out. Pair with the right outfit and earrings and you’re good to go!

3 Party Hairstyles For Short Hair

1. Half Hair Wrap

You’ll need:

  1. Small hair elastic bands
  2. Bobby pins
  3. Teasing brush
  4. Hairspray

Step 1: Part hair in sections and sprayPantene Pro-V Stylers Shaping Extra Strong Hold hairspray.

Step 2: Using a teasing brush, gather one-inch sections of hair from the front to the crown, brushing from the mid-shaft to the root to create volume. Take one section at a time.

Step 3: Tie the top half of hair into a loose ponytail using the elastic band.

Step 4: Lift a one-inch section of hair directly underneath the elastic and wrap it around the elastic to cover it.

Step 5: Secure this by pinning the the ends of the wrapped hair underneath the elastic.

2. Side Flair Braid

You’ll need:

  1. Small hair elastic bands
  2. Tail comb

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Step 1: Make a deep side parting on any one side.

Step 2: Take a two-inch section of hair from the thinner side of the parting and tie a loose braid starting from one inch above your ear; it should end one inch from the ends of your hair. Tie with the elastic.

Step 3: Comb the rest of the hair in place.

3. Double Knot Updo

You’ll need:

  1. Small hair elastic bands
  2. Hair pins
  3. Volumizing Mousse
  4. Hairspray

If styled well, short hair updos can conceal the length of your hair and creates the effect of great volume – a boon for those with thin, straggly hair.

Step 1: Mix a dollop of volumizing mousse to damp hair.

Step 2: blow dry roughly combing through with your fingers; this will add texture.

Step 3: Divide the back of your hair into two equal sections and tie two ponytails, with one slightly higher than the other.

Step 4: Twist each of these ponytails into messy buns and secure with pins. You could also accessorize with some funky or stylish clips.

Step 5: Spray hairspray to hold.

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