3 Hairstyles to Make Your Long Locks Summer-Friendly

3 Hairstyles to Make Your Long Locks Summer-Friendly

You needn’t cut your beautiful tresses short just to feel cool this summer.

While this may seem like the only logical thing to do, in the long run it isn’t. That’s because summer is just a passing phase, and getting rid of the long locks that you so lovingly nurtured is not a decision you must make in haste. So, if heat is the only reason you want to cut off your long hair then you must know that there are great alternatives that can keep you cool as well as stylish this summer.

These 3 DIY hairstyles for long locks will help you better deal with the summer heat while not losing an ounce of your style quotient.

1. The Mane

Awaken your inner lioness and show off your long tresses while keeping them out of your face.

1)      Prep dry hair with a heat protectant and texturizing spray.

2)      Using a large barrel curling iron to curl hair in large sections.

3)      Using a teasing brush, rough up the ends by brushing lightly up the hair strand.

4)      Pull the left half of your hair back into ponytail, just above the back of your neck.

5)      Pull the opposite side back and secure it right next to the first ponytail.

6)      Fluff the ends of the ponytails so it appears like one ponytail.

7)      Touch up the ends with a curling iron.

2. The French Twist Bun

Glamour meets comfort; this hairstyle is ideal for summer weddings or events where you need to be all decked up.

1)      Prep dry hair with a texturizing spray.


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2)      Create parting and section off face framing layers.

3)      Backcomb the crown area and pull hair into a low ponytail.

4)      Twist ponytail upwards and secure with bobby pins with the ends fanning outwards.

5)      Wrap hair around to form a bun and secure with bobby pins.

3. Halo Braids

This hairstyle will not only keep your tresses off your neck, but also lend an air of chic and make you look ultra-fashionable.

1)      Dampen hair and then part it from your front hairline to the nape of your neck.

2)      Apply a small amount of Argan oil onto the ends.

3)      Tie off one section.

4)      Now, create a simple 3-strand braid on each side.

5)      Wrap the braid around your head and secure with bobby pins.

Be it commuting to work, a day of fun in the sun or an occasion you have to attend, these 3 hairstyles will give you the right combination of comfort and glamour this summer.

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