3 Easy Lazy Girl Hairstyles that you can do at Home.

3 Easy Lazy Girl Hairstyles You Can Do at Home

A good hairstyle needn’t always be elaborate and take a lot of time to make. Some hairstyles at home can be done in mere minutes.

The clock keeps ticking and life, packed with its daily routines, gets more hurried, rushed and hectic than ever. So how does a woman ever really find the time to get a professionally styled hairdo in the midst of all this chaos? The answer; it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t. Here we have listed down for you, the busy woman of today, 3 hairstyles that you can whip up in a jiffy without disrupting any part of your day. From 2 minutes to a maximum of 10 minutes, these classy and funky hairstyles will never betray the time (or the lack of time) it took to make them.

Making a hairstyle at home has never been easier; take a look:

3 Chic & Simple Hairstyles For Busy Girls!

1. The Head Scarf


  1. Begin by selecting a sufficiently large and completely square silk scarf.
  2. Now make a triangle by folding one corner all the way to the other corner.
  3. Fold the corner of the scarf till it’s in the middle about the middle
  4. Now fold it over again but stop before the edge.
  5. With the ends ahead, wrap it around your head. Take care to keep that part of the scarf that has the folds side of the scarf against your head.
  6. That done, tie the scarf in a breathable (read loose) knot out front.
  7. Finally, tuck away the ends behind the scarf.

2. The Ultra-Long Ponytail



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  1. Let your hair down (literally not metaphorically).
  2. You will need aregular size rubber band and a small one.
  3. Bunch your hair atop your head; keep it half-up like a half-ponytail.
  4. Take some hair from next to ears, on either side and include that in the bunch too
  5. Tie your hairatop your head with the aid of the regular size hair rubber band.
  6. Now, with the hair that’s not part of the half-up bunch, another ponytail near the bottom of your head and tie it up with a small rubber band.
  7. Here’s the main trick to this hairstyle; fluff the top ponytail hairso that it covers the bottom one. This will create the illusion of an ultra-long ponytail.

3. The Reverse Crown Braid


From the back of your head and one side, gather about one-third of your hair.

  1. You now have to French braid this section of your hair. Keep adding hair as you continue braiding near the back.
  2. Don’t stop the process of French braiding until all your hair has been braided.
  3. Now tie the braid
  4. Fold your braid in half and tuck it in.
  5. Use a pin to hold the tucked hair in place.
  6. Use SP Luxe Oil, which is gentle on your hair, to style any loose tresses

Use these lazy girl hairstyles whenever you’re short on time; no one will even know the difference!

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