3 Chic and Classy Hairstyles for Straight, Thin Hair.

3 Chic and Classy Hairstyles for Straight, Thin Hair

Thin hair tends to look dull and lifeless. But that is a perception that can so easily be altered with the right hairstyles for straight hair.

Every girl with thin hair wants one thing; to make it look voluminous and bouncy.

7 Dont's If You Want Voluminous & Bouncy Hair:

  1. Don’t apply coconut oil on your hair; all it will do is weigh it down, lead to heavy build-up and make your tresses look thinner than before.
  2. Be careful not to over-dry your hair; it will destroy all its elasticity and volume.
  3. Use hair colour sparingly because it can really thin out your locks something awful.
  4. If you’ve got thin hair don’t grow it long. Short and medium hairstyles work best as they give the illusion of greater volumeand bounce.
  5. If you’d like to give your hair that extra bounce and lift simply blow dry it upside down.
  6. Dry your hair completely before you head out of the house. Leaving it wet and then air-drying it will make it even more lifeless.
  7. Don’t condition the roots of your hair because the oils and silicones in conditioner can weigh your hair down.And when you do condition use a mild conditioner like Pantene Pro V Repair and Protect.

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Now that you know the secrets to taking care of your thin tresses and giving them more bounce, here are 3 straight hairstyles that are chic and classy.

1. Layers


This is one of the easiest hairstyles for straight hair and works wonders in the way of increasing volume. Get the layers around your face to add texture and to make your hair look full.

2. Pixie

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Do you desire a cute hairstyle that will take away from hair limpness? Are you not too particular about having long hair? If so then the wispy layers of this hairstyle are ideal for you.

3. Curls


A sure-fire way to make your hair look thick yet chic is to go for curls. Choose the kind of curls you want, meaning loose, tight, big, small etc. and just go with it.

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