3 Bridal Hairdos That Make Short HairGo A Long Way.

3 Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Chin-length hair is fuss-free, fantastic for styling and looks lovely with minimal accents.

As the big day approaches, brides-to-be want only the best. And when nothing short of the perfect hairdo is expected, look no further; these amazing and versatile wedding hairstyles for short hair are sure to be the talk of the town! From glamorous wedding accessories to stunning styling techniques, we will leave you spoilt for choice and ensure you rock your short hair on your wedding day. 

1. Vintage curls:


Soft, whimsical curls at the back coupled with well-defined, windswept hair in the front, makes for a stylish statement when it comes to bridal hairstyles for short hair. Couple this with a satin hair band matched to the colour of your outfit or a lovely bejewelled tiara with pearls and diamantes, and you have a lovely combination!The best method to achieve retro waves is to curl your hair with rollers and leave then set thosecurls free. Women who are confident of themselves will add their own personal charm to the look and take it a few notches higher. The trick is to try different textures and both minimalistic and fancy, eye-catching accessories.

2. Ravishing weave:



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Nothing spells charm and sex appeal like Indian hairstylesfor short hair or a chic bohemian hairstyle with a crown puff and a delicate floral headband. Add to that,the splendour of soft, cascading waves and you have a dreamy bride looking effortlessly elegant yet resplendent in all her bridal beauty. To get this hairstyle right, set your hair with rollers and use tongs to make the curls smaller and tighter. As the day progresses, the curls will open up and your hair will look absolutely magnificent. This is for the laid-back, spontaneous bride who is unafraid and wears her heart and attitude on her sleeve.

3. French twist:


No matter how modern the woman, on her wedding day she wants to embody old-world allure. For a traditional bride, nothing but a classic works. This hairstyle brings a modern, sophisticated charm while keeping old-school sensibilities in mind. Start off by using a curling iron on your hair and getting loose waves in place. The hair is then pulled away from the face into a shell structure to give it definition. Even as your hair is tucked into place, the look demands that you keep it slightly messy. Tease the crown and embellish it with ornamental pins placed at equidistant intervals. This style balances the fairy-tale-esque beauty of a bridal hairstyle with the individuality of the woman of today.

If you are hair is short and thin as well, don't worry! Check out these top 10 Indian bridal hairstyles here.

Thanks to these styles, the beat day of your life will also be your best hair day!

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