3 Beautiful Disney Princess Hairstyles

3 Epic Disney Princess Hairstyles That Are Easy to Make

Disney characters have always held a special place in our hearts. Now, while it is impossible to live in such a beautiful, magical world, we can surely capture a part of them in our real life by recreating their wonderful hairstyles.

3 Beautiful Disney Princess Hairstyles

Whether it’s Pocahontas, Elsa from Frozen or even Aurora from Maleficent, Disney’s female characters have a certain class about them. Needless to say, their picture perfect princess hairstyles never seem to have a hair out of place, however trying the situation.

Here are 3 Disney princess hairstyles every little woman would love to try out, regardless her age.

Frozen hairstyle - Elsa’s braid

This is a classic loose braid that is simpler than it looks and needs only 10 minutes. It works best with day-washed long hair.

  1. Elsa’s hair is fictional, hence has giant-sized volume. You will have to create that by teasing your hair with a comb.
  2. Take 3 sections of the hair (top and sides) and start braiding from the upper back of your head but make sure it’s not too high and not too tight. Keep adding big sections of loose hair from either side to the braid.
  3.  Once you reach the nape of your neck, bring it to the front of your shoulder and continue braiding till you reach the end. Secure with a band.
  4. From the nape, pull the sides of the braid outwards to give it a fuller look.
  5. If you have bangs, pull out a few wisps for effect or curl up a small strand and let it hang loose down one side of your forehead.
  6. You can tuck in a few flowers for effect.
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Princess Aurora Twistback

This princess hairstyles for long hair is inspired by Disney’s Maleficent which weaves a beautiful spell with its magic and mystery.

  1. Create soft waves by making two simple braids and leaving on overnight.
  2. Part your hair in the centre and take a 1 inch section above your ear and 3-4 inches from the front of your head, on either side.
  3. Divide these strands further into 2 equal sections.
  4. Twist these sections softly and loosely taking them diagonally behind the ear and to the back of the head.  
  5. Secure with a hair-tie and clip to your head. Hide the tie by looping a small hair strand around it.
  6. Loosen the twists by gently tugging each one outwards; you have to create a messy effect.
  7. Hold together with hair spray and pin on a few colourful flowers.

Minnie Mouse Buns

A great option for little ladies invited to a Disney themed party or a day at Disney World.

  1. Make a centre part and tie a high ponytail on either side.
  2. Tease the ponytails with a comb to add volume and give it Minnie’s characteristic puffed look.
  3. Smoothen the top of the teased hair with a brush to even out the bumps.
  4. Bring the edge of the ponytail and push partially through the elastic to create a small fan shaped bun.
  5. Spread out the bun till its edges touch the base of the ponytail.
  6. If there’s any hair left from the ponytail, split it into two sections and insert into the hole created by the fanned bun.
  7. Spread out the fan again and pin into place.
  8. Spray with hairspray.
  9. Add Minnie Mouse’s customary bow to one ear.

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