20 Essential Hair Tips to Know To Grow and Maintain Long Hair.

20 Essential Hair Tips You Must Know To Grow & Maintain Long Hair

Long hair is a boon and the envy of people. However, if not taken care of properly it can just as quickly turn into a curse.

If you’ve been blessed with long tresses it’s up to you to take care of them. What with stress and pollution, your long hair can so easily slip into lifelessness.

Here are 20 long hair tips that will help you better care for your locks.

1. Make sure you oil your hair a minimum of twice a week. This is because applying oil on your tresses will help nourish and strengthen the roots. What’s more it will revitalize dead shafts of hair.

2. Make time for a good ‘champi’ aka head massage. This will help improve blood circulation and in turn stimulate hair growth.

3. While giving your hair a shampooing thrice a week helps hydrate and repair it, shampooing it daily will be counterproductive and make your hair frizzy, brittle and dry owing to the sulphates in shampoos.

4. Don’t handle your hair roughly while shampooing. Gently do the lathering at the scalp and allow the suds to just slide down to your hair strands.

5. Every time you shampoo your hair don’t forget to condition it too. Good conditioners like Pantene will help retain moisture and thereby protect your hair from frizz and dryness.

6. As far as possible don’t take very hot showers as hot water can damage your hair and cause dryness. Opt instead to wind up a lukewarm shower with a cold rinse.

7. When you’re drying your hair, do so gently else you could cause breakage. Choose a towel that’s soft and gentle on your hair.

8. Don’t brush your hair when it is wet. This will only cause breakage. Detangle your hair gently using your fingers instead.

9. Once your hair is dry and the time to brush it has arrived, use a wide-toothed comb. These combs do not pull at your hair and damage it.

10. It is essential to give your hair a good trim every now and then. Not only does it help get rid of split ends but it also stimulates hair growth.

11. This is one of the little known tips for long hair; don’t use cotton pillowcases. Opt instead for satin because it is soft and thereby minimizes frictionand tangles.

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12. Quit using styling on your hair; opt instead for natural methods of straightening and curling.

13. Don’t tie your ponytails too tight; it inflicts stress on your roots, and the resulting friction in turncauses breakage.

14. Try and include Vitamin E in your diet regimen. It will help your hair tons!

15. Make sure you eat enough Protein; it is very important for hair growth and health.

16. Drink coconut water and eat plenty of dry fruits if you want your hair to look bouncy and voluminous.

17. Leafy vegetables, nuts, curd, sprouts and fruits are all very good for your hair. Eat them aplenty!

18. Vitamins, be it from natural sources or as supplements, must be consumed regularly for hair health.

19. Unless you want your hair to look dull and dehydrated consume enough water and fluids.

20. Get some exercise every day. This is one of those hair care tips for long hair that is known to improve blood circulation and increase hair growth. 

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