15 Essential Summer Hair Care Tips.

15 Essential Hair Care Tips & Summer Hair Care Routine

The high humidity levels during Indian summers can damage your hair.

Summer, though really a great time to be outdoors, is also a time to be extra caring towards your hair. And here we show you useful ways to ensure hair care in summer.

15 Essential Summer Hair Care Tips:

1. It is essential you cover your hair with a hat or a scarf during summers. This protects it from the harmful UV rays and it also helps in retaining moisture.

2. Keeping your hair in a loose hairstyle works wonders during the summer. It helps air out your locks and prevents the accumulation of sweat.

3. Avoid washing your hair too much during this season; it strips your hair of the essential oils that moisturize it naturally. And when you do wash your hair use brands like Pantene and Head and Shoulders, which are gentle, nourishing and have a high SPF.

4. Resort to air-drying your hair as much as possible. That’s because blow-drying makes your hair frizz up.

5. Mix avocado oil, aloe vera juice and water and put this concoction in a spritz bottle. Keep it handy whenever you feel the dryness levels in your hair rise.

6. Don’t forget to or skip conditioning; it helps de-frizz your hair during the humid season. Also, opt for deep conditioning at least once a week.

7. This is a great hack. After applying sunscreen on your body, simply run your fingers through your hair and let the residual sunscreen protect your hair from UV rays.

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8. A hot oil rinse is non-negotiable in the summers. After shampooing your hair, heat any natural oil (coconut, almond or olive) and apply it to your hair from the tips to the roots. Your hair will feel soft and healthy instantly.

9. Don’t brush your hair, use a wide-tooth comb instead. These tend to be way less harsh when it comes to untangling your locks.

10. Summer is the best time to trim your tresses. That’s because the likelihood of splint ends forming is higher in summer.

11. If you’re the type of person who loves swimming in summers (and who isn’t!) then you should wet your hair before you enter the pool. This way it will absorb lesser chlorine.

12. Your hair is also a reflection of your lifestyle. Which is why a balanced diet and healthy exercise regimen will add a sheen to your hair.

13. Summer makes you sweaty and want to shower a lot. However, ensure you use a shower filter so that any impurities that may be present in the water don’t hurt your hair.

14. What with pollution already working its black magic on your hair, the last thing you need is to let stress get to you. That’s because stress causes hair loss; stay calm.

15. Another important summer hair care tip is to give heat styling a break. Opt for natural styling instead.

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