10 Steps To Instantly Transform Greasy To Glossy With Dry Shampoo

10 Steps To Instantly Transform Greasy To Glossy With Dry Shampoo

We’ve all had that one bad hair day when hair is greasy, dull and badly in need of a wash. And there’s no time before you dash out the door to work. Ugh, hope no one comes too close today.

You wouldn’t be caught dead with bad hair. Some days are just not meant to be your days and you are forced to head out with grimy, unwashed and greasy hair because there’s just no time. All you can do is hope no one finds out.

Thank goodness for dry shampoo. A saviour for countless women, your hair can remain fresh and bouncy for days without being subjected to the drying out damage of a daily wash. But how does dry shampoo work really? It simply soaks up the excess oil and dampness from your hair and leaves behind glossy strands.

Whether you’ve been using dry shampoos for a long time or are new to this magical world of hair transformation. 

10 Tips on how to use dry shampoo effectively:

Tip #1: Use it only on dry hair

It may be obvious, but don’t use dry shampoo on wet or damp hair.

Tip #2: Spray from a distance

Hold the spray can at least 6 inches away when you spray. Bring it too close and you could get too much product in your hair.

Tip #3: Your hair will look white. Don’t panic.

When you apply the dry shampoo, your hair will look white for a bit. Don’t worry. It’ll go away when you style it. Just let it sit in your hair for 30 seconds before you put a comb or fingers to it.

Tip #4: Start with less

Don’t go overboard with the shampoo. Start with a little. After it dries, check your hair for any missed spots. You can re-apply or brush through your hair to distribute it evenly. Remember, you can add more but you can’t remove excess product.

Tip #5: Stop touching your hair

After you’ve styled your hair, keep your hands off. The natural oil from your fingers is what makes your hair greasy.

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Tip #6: Apply on the lower layers

Don’t spray dry shampoo directly on the top of your head. This will just layer your hair with white residue and do nothing to pep up your hair. Lift up the top layer of your hair and spray the dry shampoo on the roots.

Tip #7: Choosing the type of dry shampoo

You can go for any dry shampoo – a powder or a spray. They both soak up the excess oil from clumps of oily hair and get the job done.

Tip #8: Don’t rush

Dry shampoo needs time to do a good job. After you apply it, let it sit in your hair for 30 seconds before gently brushing it out.

Tip #9: Dry shampoo isn’t a permanent substitute for a wash

Dry shampoo is a quick fix for when you are in a rush. Do it too often and you could end up with a product build-up that can cause more damage. Use this method between washes and wash your hair once a week to clean out any product. 

Tip #10: Make your own dry shampoo

Mix an equal amount of baking soda, cornmeal, corn starch, coarse oatmeal and talcum or baby powder. Use a clean spice shaker as a dispenser.

Go ahead! Buy a good dry shampoo that is mild but serves its purpose. You can start with Pantene Pro V Root Reboot Dry Shampoo that has natural tapioca extracts and helps liven your greasy hair immediately!

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