10 Knockout Hair Accessories That’ll Make Heads Turn

10 Knockout Hair Accessories That’ll Make Heads Turn

Even hair needs dressing up to make a fashion statement. And accessories are the best way to create a unique style.

Accessories are the best thing to happen to fashion! Shoes, handbags, belts, jewellery, stoles, scarves, you can’t really get enough of these. Accessories have the power to transform ordinary Jeans ‘n’ tee into a totally chic ensemble. Hair accessories are equally effective in creating fashion statements of their own. They can dress up any outfit and are impartial to age, length of hair or skin colour.

10 Hair Accessories That Every Woman Must Own

1. Headbands


Whether it’s for sport, work or party, headbands are great multi-taskers. From keeping the bangs out of your face to keeping it all tucked in in one place, they work for hair of any length. Pick a mix of bands in fabric, knit, satin, bling and plastic and sport one depending upon the occasion.

2. Hair Ties

Looking to add a pop of colour to a drab ponytail? Invest in a few colourful hair ties in shimmering colours. They’re even better than conventional hair ties as they care for hair by eliminating breakages.

3. Fancy Clips

Fancy Clips

Hair Clips have always been the “in-thing” and get better with every season. Keep a bunch of embellished options at hand especially ones that feature rhinestones, crystals, sequins, glitter, or anything bling.

4. Barettes

Barettes are a great way to bunch your hair together without bunching them up. These long, flat hair clips are available in evocative animal prints and colourful designs.

Also, check out these 6 easy hairstyles for long hair using different accessories like scarves, hair pins, barettes and headbands here.

5. Flower Hair Pin

Flower hair pins

A summer favourite, flower hair pins add a dash of spring to your hair especially when paired up with flip flops and a sundress. The more colourful the better, especially as a contrast to dark hair.


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6. Woven Ribbons

Sky is the limit for this creative DIY accessory. Take a choice of colourful ribbons and ties (you can even use ones from leftover gifts) and weave them together. Now embellish this with unused trinkets such as broaches and earrings. Voila! You have your own inimitable creation.

7. Hair Scarves

scarves - hair accessories

Colours, prints and sizes give hair scarves a personality of their own. You can even master different wrapping or tying techniques to create a dramatic difference.

8. Hair Brooch

hair brooch

Big and bold, if a hair brooch does not make a statement, nothing else will.

And then there are hats!

9. Floppy Hat

It’s been there for years and will be there for years to come. The quintessential floppy hat goes with every kind of dress and every season.

10. Beret

Ever considered a hat? The chic beret is perfect when worn over hair that’s left open for that touch of French.

So which of these hair accessories will you try?

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