Learn To Make 5 Different Puff Hairstyle Step by Step in Just 7 Steps!

Learn To Make 5 Different Puff Hairstyle Step by Step in Just 7 Steps!

Here’s a 7 step guide to make the puff hairstyle- a 70’s hairstyle making a comeback. Now try it at home!

Puff hairstyles are back. If you thought they were retro, think again. A puff hairstyle was brought into mainstream fashion in 1775 by Marie Antoinette. The style high coiffure? Just a fancy word for a puff hairstyle.

But enough about its history. Like we said earlier, the puff is making a comeback. And you want to fashion your hair puff style, but don’t know how to create the intricate look. We’re here to help.

In a puff hairstyle, you can wear your hair on the top or on the side. And depending on the length of your hair, or mood, make the puff large or small. You can combine the puff with a braid or a bun, or if you wish, just make the puff and leave the hair free and flowing.

We’ve broken down the process of getting a flawless puff hairstyle step by step.

#1 7 Step Simple Puff Hairstyle Tutorial

Step 1: Gathering your tools

Before you start working on the hairstyle, make sure you have:

  • A comb
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair spray (optional)

Step 2: Combing your hair

  • Gently comb out all knots and tangles from your hair.
  • Start with clean hair washed with a mild shampoo like Pantene Pro-V Silky Smooth Care and conditioner.

Step 3: Selecting the hair

  • Pick a small section of the hair from the front and pull it towards the back.
  • You can take more or less hair depending on the shape of your face.
  • For oval or long faces, use a wider section.
  • For round or square shapes, take a smaller section.

Step 4: Twisting the section

  • Twist and roll the section of hair 2-3 times to hold it in place.
  • Don’t roll too much or else it’ll get too tight and you will be uncomfortable.
  • This gives the puff a proper shape and also holds it in place.

Step 5: Making the puff

  • Don’t let go of the rolled hair yet.
  • Push it outwards if you want a front puff, or towards a side if your plan is to create a side puff hairstyle.
  • The more you push, the higher the puff.
  • Do it slowly so that you know how far you want to go.
  • Pulling back could make it a little messy and you might need to start all over again.

Step 6: Securing the puff
Use the bobby pins and clutch clip to secure the puff.

Step 7: Spraying it in place

  • Skip this step if you plan on leaving your hair loose.
  • Use the holding spray only if you’re combining two hairstyles.
  • You don’t want to mess up the puff while working on that.

#2 Puff hairstyle for curly hair

Curly hair is already voluminous, however, puff hairstyles can give it a stylish edge.

  1. Take a square section of hair from the top head
  2. Comb this section, while clipping the rest of your hair to the side
  3. Take the top section, and carefully try to clip it on the side of their head while maintaining a little poof.
  4. Ensure that the remaining hair is either pinned up, if going to some formal event, or else leave it open.
  5. Use a curling serum to give definition to your curls
  6. Finally finish off the look by spraying holding spray on your puffed hair, so it remains the same for the entire day.
  7. Puff hairstyles for curly haired women is perfect, to give a manageable, fancy twist to your everyday hairstyle!

#3 Create Puff without hairspray

Well ladies, it is not necessary to use a hairspray every time you wish to make a puff hairstyle. Check out the tutorial below to make a puff without a styling spray.

  1. Comb the entire length of hair, to ensure all the knots are removed and your hair is ready for the hairstyle
  2. Take a square section of hair from the top of your head
  3. Comb this section, for a smooth and detangled finish
  4. Hold this section flat between your fingers and twist it once
  5. The twisted section of the hair needs to now be pinned on your head with bobby pins
  6. The amount by which the section is pushed forward and pinned, is directly proportional to the amount of puff being created at the top of your head.
  7. Ensure that the bobby pins are crossed while pinning the section for added security!

This type of puff hairstyle hence requires no hairstyling spray.

#4 Puff Hairstyle with ponytail

  1. Take a small square section of hair from the top of your head
  2. Tie the rest of the hair away
  3. Start back-combing (teasing) your hair to create volume
  4. Take a pouf clip (a pouf maker with tic-tac clip attached) and put it up near the end of the section of the hair chosen
  5. Then take the back combed hair section and put it over the puff maker and then pin it on the top of your head
  6. Adjust your puff so that you get your desired height, and smoothen it by combing with a fine teeth comb
  7. Gather rest of your hair and tie it in a ponytail
  8. Ensure that you are using a thin elastic band, so that the hair tie remains invisible
  9. Take a small strand of hair from the ponytail and wrap it over the hair tie to give it a chic finish

#5 Puff Hairstyle with a Bun

  1. As shown in the above tutorial, make a puff ponytail hairstyle.
  2. After the ponytail is made, back comb the tail-end of the ponytail with your fingers to create volume
  3. After the volume is created, gently, twist the ponytail and start wrapping it around the elastic band into a bun
  4. Secure the loose bun on your head with U pins
  5. Now give it a messy touch by pulling the bun a little loose from all sides, till you get the desired look
  6. Your puffy bun hairstyle is all ready for a night out!

The puff hairstyle is perfect if you’ve had bangs and they’ve grown out a little too much. This is a good way to keep them in check while you decide what to do next.

Practice these steps at home and once you’ve mastered the puff hairstyle, go out and show the world how comfortable and cool you are with trying out new looks.

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