6 Super Stylish Retro Hairstyles To Glam Up Your Look

Hairstyles come and go, and the trend now seems to be to go retro. Whether you have short hair or long, there are some fun hairstyles to bring back a long-lost era. Let’s go back in time, shall we?

Big flower prints, hoop earrings, and platform heels. A lot of the retro fashion is making a comeback. Hairstyles aren’t too far behind.

Here are our favourite retro hairstyles for short hair and long hair too. How about some fun, eh?

3 Retro Hairstyles For Short Hair:

#1 Vintage Waves

Remember the hairstyles from the movie Chicago? Yes, the one that Rene Zellweger sports all through. Those vintage waves, stuck close to the head. You can sport that hairstyle too, in just a few steps.


  1. Wash your hair (we prefer using Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Repair) and half dry it.
  2. Work in a maximum hold mousse into the volume.
  3. Let your hair dry.
  4. Using a curling iron (3/4”) curl your hair.
  5. For the back, hold the curling iron straight and not horizontal.
  6. Liberally spray a good hold hairspray.
  7. Let it set before you touch it.

#2 Inverted Retro Bob

Tired of your long hair and want to chop chop chop? Or just want to try a retro hairstyle for fun? How about an inverted bob?


  1. Your hair will be sliced in layers, leaving tapered ends and a sexy curvy profile
  2. The hair is styled in a round bump behind while the sides have a sleek finish
  3. For a little oomph, you can give a ragged edge to the ends

Yes, this style needs a little (ok, a lot) of maintenance and it’s not a quick-and-dirty hairstyle if you are not a morning person.

#3 Boyish Cut

Also known as the pixie, but even shorter. I am currently sporting that look, but this isn’t about me.

The boyish cut is perfect for summer. Plus, there is something very cute and casual about this retro look hairstyle that makes it perfect for just chilling out.


  1. Ask your salon to give you a short haircut with jagged edges.
  2. You can level it out at the back or make it uneven there too.
  3. This is a look that can be worn by girls with straight or curly hair.
  4. Take dollop of styling gel on your hands and run your fingers through your hair for the deliberately casual look.

Now that took care of short hair. What about retro hairstyles for long hair?

Retro Hairstyles For Long Hair:

#1 Retro Updo

This hairstyle reminds me of Mumtaz. Hair piled up on top and fastened with a scarf. Uff, gorgeous!


  1. Using a fine comb, tease sections of hair from the crown.
  2. Use a hairspray to keep them in place.
  3. Now carefully cover the rest of the hair with a lovely scarf.
  4. You can knot in the front, at the back or the side; all ways look lovely.

#5 High Pony on the Side

This is a high pony, but with a difference.


  1. Tie a high pony, as you might like to do, but this time, make it on the side.
  2. You can leave the hair sleek and straight or curl the ends for a genuine retro look.

#6 Long Waves

This is one of my personal favourites, except that I can’t sport it. Soft and gentle, this reminds me of a time when life was slower and sweeter. Sigh…


  1. Wash out your hair using a nourishing shampoo like Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care.
  2. Now take a hot curling wand and curl all your hair, from the tip to the roots.
  3. Spray some dry shampoo at the crown for volume.
  4. Let the curls breathe and enjoy the attention that comes their way.

6 gorgeous retro hairstyles, for short and long hair. No one feels left out, right? Now, when do you plan to go back in time?Puffs were also huge back in the day! Check out this psuedo retro puff hairstyle video tutorial here.

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