6 Fantastic Hairstyles For Prom Night

It’s prom! Congratulations, school is over and it’s time to step into the world as a grown up. Even though you may have hardly cared about how you looked during school, you deserve to look your best on prom. We have some really cool and chic prom hairstyles lined up for you. Go ahead, rock that look, girl!

Don’t be anxious, these hairstyles are easy to do yourself. With our list of trendy hairstyles for prom, you’ll be looking like a princess in no time. Before trying out these hairstyles, you need to wash your hair. Use a mild shampoo & conditioner like Pantene-Pro V Silky Smooth Care, it gives your hair a healthy shine and protects the hair from damage.

1. Nail Rapunzel’s Look:

These prom hairstyles for long hair are right on point if you want to look glamorous yet modish.

i) For this first look, you need to curl all your hair into loose curls.

  • Take a couple of strands from both sides of your face and tie them in the back with some pins.
  • Add a flower tiara to your hair and you’ll definitely look like you’ve stepped out of a story book.

ii) This second look will need you to straighten all your hair.

  • Leave out your fringe.
  • Now tie all your hair in a loose bun and secure with bobby pins.
  • Now for the fringe. You need to curl it facing outwards.
  • Leave these strands hanging from the side of your face. You’re ready for some great pictures at prom night!

2. Medium Need Not Be Boring:

You need some funky prom hairstyles for medium hair and we’ve got them!

i) You’ll need to straighten your hair to nail this look.

  • After straightening all your hair, tie a braid starting from one side of your face towards the centre of your head.
  • Neatly pin it in place.
  • Add some tiny roses or accessories for a quirky look!

ii) For this next hairstyle,

  • You need to partition your hair.
  • Take thick strands from both sides of your face and keep pining them behind your head towards your neck as you go.
  • Your fancy French prom braid is ready.

3. Short But Cute:

Who said short hair has to be boring? We have some dapper prom hairstyles for short hair especially for you! 

i) This cool hairstyle is surely going to turn some heads.

  • Give your hair a side parting and start braiding thin strands of your hair, cornrows style on one side.
  • Once you’re done, apply some hair spray on the other side of your head and run your fingers through them to give a messy look.
  • You’re too cool for school now.

ii) Give yourself a vintage look from the 20’s with this pretty hairstyle.

  • Comb your fringe and apply some hair gel to keep it in place.
  • Part your hair in vertical sections.
  • Start curling each section of your hair towards your face.
  • The crown part of your hair has to be curled away from your face and the back hair are supposed to be curled under.
  • Comb your fringe one last time, give your hair a little tousle, and voila! You’re ready.

You can even try a simple puff hairstyle for your prom, to be simple, yet super chic!Read more about trend setting hairstyles, DIY hairstyle tutorials and hair styling ideas here at our blog.

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