6 Simple College Hairstyles For Long & Medium Hair

I know, I know. How your hair looks before leaving for college is not really a priority at 7 am in the morning. But what if I told you that you could have some really cute hairstyles for college in less than 10 minutes?

Ever wondered how that girl in your class always has her hair on fleek? Well, you’re in luck. This article has been looking for you for a very long time, and now that it has found you, you should take advantage and learn these really simple hairstyles for college.

Short hair doesn’t require much effort, but with the effortlessness comes the curse of a limited number of hairstyles. Don’t worry, try these for a fresher look.

2 Simple College Hairstyles For Short Hair:

1. A Classic Centre Parting

Sounds pretty simple? It is.

A Classic Centre Parting


  1. Part your hair through the middle with a thin comb to achieve perfection.
  2. Make 4 partitions of your hair (2 on each side). This will make it easier and faster for you to straighten your hair.

Now, wait for all the girls in your class to ask you where you got your hair styled from so early in the morning.

2. Wavy Side Fringe

This will cost you about 10 minutes of your precious sleeping time.

Wavy Side Fringe


  1. Part your hair from the front on to one side and pin it.
  2. Start curling your hair with a curling iron but don’t do it too tightly, otherwise it won’t give you those messy, effortless waves.
  3. Unpin those bangs and make sure you don’t curl them, but leave them as it is, falling naturally on one side of your face.

2 Classy College Hairstyles For Medium Hair:

1. Wavy Pony Tail

This style literally takes 5 minutes to do, but will give you a fun look throughout the day with minimal effort to maintain.

Wavy Pony Tail


  1. Tie all your hair in a high pony.
  2. Divide your pony into two halves and then curl each of the half with a curling iron and Voila!

Tie a colourful scarf or headband to keep experimenting with the same look.

2. Open Hair with A Side Braid:

Again, this style works if you have naturally wavy, curly or straight hair.

Open Hair with A Side Braid


  1. Tie all your hair in a pony on one side.
  2. Take one thick strand from above your ear from the side you’ve parted and start braiding it tightly all the way from the scalp to the tip.
  3. Open your pony tail and let the braid be as it is.

2 Trendy College Hairstyles For Long Hair:

1. Top Knot With A Fringe:

This is one of those college hairstyles which will add oomph to your summer look in less than 5 minutes.

Top Knot With A Fringe


  1. Tie all your hair in a bun on the top of your head. Don’t include your fringe in the bun.
  2. Straighten your fringe with a straightener.

Bingo, your hairstyle is right on the spot.

2. Pony Tail With A Side Parting:

This is the perfect hairdo for lazy mornings.

Pony Tail With A Side Parting


  1. Part your hair towards one side of your face and apply some gel to keep the flyaway hair in place.
  2. Take care that your parting doesn’t get ruined, hold all your hair and tie them into a high pony tail.

6 simple but fancy hairstyles under 15 minutes!

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