5 Ways to Prevent Hair Fall During Rainfall

While you may love the rain, the rain doesn’t love your hair and can cause hair fall and damage.

As it is, you tend to lose hair while showering, which is largely unavoidable. The last thing you want is to let the monsoon showers do the same thing to your hair.

Good thing is, they can’t because we have 5 hair fall control tips will ensure that no amount of rain can force your hair to abandon your scalp

5 Ways To Prevent Excessive Hair Fall in Monsoon

Tip #1: Dry Hair or No Hair

  • It’s essential to keep your hair dry as far as possible.
  • While women tend to lose anywhere between 50 to 60 strands of hair at every wash, that number multiplies to 200 in the rains.
  • So yes, try and keep moisture and wetness out of your hair would be the underlying message here!

Tip #2: Don’t Binge on Hair Styling Products

  • Due to the excess humidity in the air owing to the monsoon season, chemical based products will make your hair very greasy.
  • Besides feeling icky and causing hair fall, it can also damage your scalp and cause dandruff too.
  • Go natural and you will see the difference; Mother Nature has a solution for everything that has a chemical counterpart. All you have to do is look!

Tip #3: Include Protein in Your Diet

Salmon, eggs, carrots, whole grains, dark green veggies, kidney beans, nuts and low-fat dairy products are all rich sources of protein. And protein is one of the most vital nutrients for strong hair besides being the building blocks of the body. So yes, you win both ways when you embrace the requisite amount of protein intake in your diet.

Tip #4: Mild Shampoos Mean Strong Hair

Hair, along with falling, tends to become quite limp, lifeless and dull during the monsoons. And well, only a shampoo can revitalize it and restore its bounce, volume and strength. Which is why, if your hair is exposed to rainwater daily, shampooing regularly is non-negotiable. But yes, a mild shampoo is what you should aim to use!

Tip #5: Don’t Skip Conditioning on Any Condition

As you may have already experienced, hair tends to become frizzy, weak and prone to falling due to the humidity in the monsoon season. Which is why, regular conditioning is a great way to counter this and give your hair the kind of softness and silkiness that you’ve become used to!

One more thing; don’t forget to drink lots of water to stay hydrated. This will do wonders for your hair! So, while rain may fall till the clouds are empty, your hair won’t fall now that you know how to deal with it. There’s nothing quite like that feeling of getting wet in the rain with a song in your heart, nothing in your mind and all your hair on your head!

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