5 Must Try Spiky Hairstyles For All Hair Lengths

You have always associated with the term ‘metrosexual’. As a metrosexual man in the city, it is very hard for you to stick to just one hairstyle, as many men do, for the rest of your life. Refuse to be part of the norm. Try out these funky but easy to do spiky hairstyles, and stand out in the crowd.

The 90’s saw the rise of spiky hair, and as with every hairstyle that comes into fashion, celebrities like David Beckham, Leonardo DiCaprio and even Aamir Khan in Dil Chahta Hai started sporting the look. You may have seen the many versions of the spiky haircut, but we are here to guide you through 5 trendy spike hairstyles that will take you from being just another dude, to being a total hunk!

Top 5 Trending Spikey Hairstyles

1. The Centre Spike Hair style:


  1. If you have naturally spiky hair, you won’t need gel to keep them in place for this look. If not, take a coin size amount of hair gel in your palms.
  2. Now run your fingers through the crown portion of your hair, in an upward movement. Start close to the scalp.
  3. If you have longer hair, the gel will help keep them in place, but for proper hold, you’ll need to finish off with some hair spray as well. 
Be careful with the amount of gel you use, you don’t want crispy hair, do you? 

2.  The Side Swept Spikes:


  1. To make this look work, first you’ll need to wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Try Pantene Pro-V Lively Clean Shampoo & Conditioner, it saves your hair from all the chemicals as well as pollution and the sun.
  2. To nail this spiky hairstyle, you need to part your hair from the side.
  3. Apply some hair mousse to your slightly damp hair.
  4. Now start styling the spikes in such a manner that they are slightly swept to one side.
  5. Finish off with a good hairspray. You are already rocking that look!

3. The Messed Up Spikes:

If you’re looking for a very casual but spikey look, then this hairstyle is for you. This style works best with shorter hair. You just have to run your fingers through them with a little bit of gel and voila! You are good to go. 

4. The Long Spiky Hair:

This hairstyle suits men with longer hair on the crown. Because you have longer hair, you’re going to need to use a little more product than usual, just to keep your spikey mane in place. 


  1. Take a good amount of hair gel in your hands and run your fingers through your hair to make long spikes.
  2. Make sure that you give a little wave like movement to them near the scalp. This will help them stay in place for a longer time.
  3. You are now ready for a casual Friday at work, and also a party after it!

5. The Sharp Spiked Look:

This hairstyle is ideal for a summer look as it gives your hair a nice triangular finish towards the middle of your crown area.


  1. Make sure the spikes sort of meet in the middle portion of the crown, but also take care not to get carried away too much and ruin the spikes.

    Now that you know how easy it is to regularly change hairstyles, go and start killing those parties with a new look, every single time!

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