5 Stunning Wedding Hairstyles For 2017 That Every Bride-To-Be Must Know

A wedding is a chance for everyone to glam up and look their best. But you being the bride can’t let anyone steal the thunder away from you. The spotlight is on you and it will stay that way when you step out in your bridal finery, jewellery and hairstyle.

Are you ready to get married? He popped the question, you said yes, and all that jazz. But are you really ready? Have you begun planning? There is so much to do, from a gorgeous wardrobe, to stunning jewellery, to the ooh-la-la shoes, the flawless make-up, the matching handbag and a striking hairstyle. Yes, it is a lot of work. But take a deep breath; we’re here to help you.

There are bridal hairstyle trends that sweep the scene every year. You need to decide whether you want to go with the crowd, or want to look classy and elegant, with some timeless hairstyles.

If you chose the latter, then you are at the right page. Here are the top 5 hairstyles for brides that we love. We have simplified these Indian bridal hairstyles step by step so you can recreate the same magic.

Our Top Picks Bridal Hairstyles in 2017:

#1 Sexy updo

2017 Bridal Hairstyle #1 - Sexy Updo by Reward Me

There is nothing more gorgeous to behold than a slender neck, bejewelled with brilliant stones and gold, as the bride sits across the room from countless guests. Have you considered the sexy updo for your wedding day? You can look traditional and at the same time freeze the room with your glam quotient.


  1. Start with clean, washed hair. We prefer using an enriching shampoo like Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Repair.
  2. Blow dry it, creating waves if you want a slightly messy look.
  3. Braid your hair – you can do a regular, French or fishtail, depending on your skills and boldness levels.
  4. Secure the end with an elastic band.
  5. Start rolling the braid into a bun.
  6. You can go as high or as low as you please.
  7. Secure the ends with a pin
  8. Accessorise. Accessorise. Accessorise. The beauty of an updo is that you can add flowers, beads, jewels … anything that catches your fancy.

#2 Timeless buns

2017 Bridal Hairstyle #2 - Timeless Bun by Reward Me

If you want to tone it down a bit, then you can opt for the classic bun. But you also get to go the whole hog with the maang tikka, the matching jummar and the jhumkas. Ooh, we’re excited!


  1. Start with washed and dry hair.
  2. You could have straight, curly or wavy hair. Just make sure it is detangled and not frizzy.
  3. Make a ponytail at the base of your neck.
  4. Now wrap your pony around itself, beginning at the base.
  5. Continue doing so until halfway down.
  6. Make a tight knot with the hair for a clean, finished look.
  7. Now wrap the rest of the pony round the bun, securing it with bobby pins.
  8. Keep it tight for a formal look; to look casual, wrap it loosely.
  9. Finish with a good holding spray.
  10. Again, accessorise as much as you please.
  11. A bun looks even lovelier when you cover your head with a tissue or organza dupatta.

#3 Side Braids

2017 Bridal Hairstyle #3 - Side Braids by Reward Me

Another of our Indian wedding hairstyles for long hair is the side braid. Traditional and trendy, you will certainly turn heads and break hearts with this look.


  1. Start with washed hair.
  2. Sweep all your hair over to one side or make a deep parting on any one side. Make sure your parting is on the opposite side of where you want the braid to be.
  3. Section your hair in three parts and begin the braid (you know how to do a simple braid, right?)
  4. Once you reach the end, secure with a clear elastic band.
  5. Pull out strands for that slightly messy look.
  6. This hairstyle is great if you don’t plan on covering your head.

#4 Stylish and Simple Open Hair

2017 Bridal Hairstyle #4 - Chic & Neat Open Hair by Reward Me

For brides with long hair, there are countless options. If you are someone who likes to leave her hair open, might we interest you in the open curls and waves?


  1. Wash and half dry your hair.
  2. If you have waves or curls, you can skip the next step. (you lucky woman!)
  3. Using a curler, create soft waves or tighter curls in your tresses. It might take a while, but you have to be patient.
  4. And that’s it. The hair is ready.
  5. All you need to do now is accessories it. (We seem to love our flowers and beads and crystals, don’t we?)

#5 Classy Middle Part

2017 Bridal Hairstyle #5 - Center Parting Hairstyle by Reward Me

Another of our favourite (we have so many favourites!) long hairstyles for Indian weddings is the simple and elegant middle parting. You could have straight hair or wavy; either way it looks good.


  1. Start with washed dry hair.
  2. Make a centre parting and comb out hair equally on both sides.
  3. You can keep the look minimalistic by just adorning your forehead with a lovely maang tikka.
  4. Let the rest of the look be about you and your glow as a bride.
  5. You can choose to rebel by going a little off-centre as the lovely bride we have here.

Which of these five absolutely stunning hairstyles for wedding are you going with then? Let us know. We want to see the pictures.

Also, if you have short hair, and the above hairstyles can not be done with your hair length, you don't have to worry! We have your backs! Check out these 3 stunning wedding hairstyles for short hair here.

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