5 Short Hairstyles For Women With Fine Hair

Envy women with thick hair and wish yours wasn’t this fine? Oh, sweetheart, fret not. It’s just a question of learning how to style it beautifully.

Life need not come to an end just because you have thin hair. There are several really cool short hairstyles for thin hair. Work with your stylist and let her (or him, if you prefer) know how your fine hair needs some extra TLC. Perhaps your stylists never thought of some of these unique short hairstyles for fine hair. This article is for you to give her a helping hand.

5 Short Hairstyles For Fine Hair That you Must Definitely Try:

#1 The playful shag

The playful shag

If you’re feeling a little bold, may I interest you in the shaggy look? Among all the short hairstyles for women with fine hair this one rocks because of the ease of maintenance. Also, the advantage here is the many layers in which you can cut your hair to create the look of a thick mane.


  1. This shaggy look works for poker straight as well as slightly curly hair.
  2. Ask your stylist to cut your hair in layers.
  3. Go as short as you want to, but only from the bottom
  4. Get bangs if you want but don’t keep them even.
  5. Add a little mousse to your damp hair and just mess it up.
  6. Allow it to dry naturally.

#2 Super stylish short bob

Super stylish short bob

A simple short bob looks lovely on everyone and goes with every occasion.


  1. Cut your hair in layers without taking away too much from the top.
  2. Do not go above your chin line.
  3. Fashion the hair in front in a full bang. This will make your hair appear thicker.
  4. Don’t be stingy with the volumising mousse when styling wet hair.
  5. Blow dry and use a large round brush to pull hair inwards.

#3 Messy Pixie Hairstyle

Messy Pixie Hairstyle

I can’t stress enough how every style has to be cut in layers. Like this messy, uber-cute pixie look that is perfect for short, thin hair.


  1. Ask your stylist for a pixie cut.
  2. Give it jagged, uneven layers.
  3. Use generous amounts of gel while styling your look.
  4. Run your fingers through the hair as it dries.
  5. Step out to millions of oohs and aahs.

#4 A classic layered bob, with a twist

A classic layered bob, with a twist

There are those women who wake up to limp hair, and then there are some who are born with it. Do not be discouraged; help is on its way, in the form of a classic bob, but with a twist. One of the sexier short haircuts for fine hair, this will make heads turn.


  1. Cut your hair in a typical bob.
  2. Instead of giving it a middle parting, brush all your hair to any one side.
  3. Blow dry your hair so it creates a voluminous roundness.

#5 Messy Curls

Messy Curls

In the last of our short haircuts for thin hair is the messy curls look.


  1. Cut your hair short and get some cool highlights.
  2. Curl your hair slightly, if it isn’t so already.
  3. Add some product, and just mess it up.

These are just 5 of my favourite short haircuts for women with fine hair. To give your hair some bounce and body, use Pantene Pro-V Silky Smooth Care Shampoo regularly. You can also use coffee in your hair care routine to give that extra shine. Check out 10 ways to use coffee for hair health here.

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