5 Must Try Emo Haircuts & Hairstyles For Girls With Different Hair Lengths

The emo haircut and fashion have been around since the 1980s, owing to the Punk movement in the U.S. Pick out some skinny jeans, a dark tee and some bright hair colours, because we are going to open your world to some of the coolest emo hairstyles.

We have listed for you 5 totally unique emo hairstyles for girls. If you’ve always wanted to stand out from the crowd, this is your chance, because these hairstyles require you to have outrageous yet trendy colours. Indian hair is usually dark brown or black in colour, so it might be a little harder for your hair to reflect these bright colours. But if you want to go totally out on these emo hairstyles, colour your hair blonde and then keep changing shades of colours according to your mood!

5 Stylish Emo Hairstyles & Haircuts:

1. The Basic Emo:

If you’re new to the ways of the emo, you should start out with this emo haircut for long hair. All you need is red hair colour and a hair straightener.

i) Start off by getting a layered haircut, and make sure the crown layer is thicker than the lower layer

ii) Colour your bangs bright cherry red and wash out the colour with a mild shampoo like Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care Shampoo and Conditioner

iii) After your hair are dry, straighten them and brush your bangs over your forehead for the emo look

2. Emo Waves:

Looking for more girly emo haircuts for short hair? Here is one you’ll love!

i) Get a layered haircut (essential for an emo look)

ii) Colour your whole head of hair with light pink hair colour and then wash it off

iii) Curl your hair loosely with a curler. Don’t curl your bangs!

iv) After straightening the bangs, brush them to one side

Your pink emo waves are ready!3. The Emo Bun:

This is the perfect emo look for a professional setting. Like The Basic Emo, this look requires you to colour your bangs a different colour than the rest of your hair as well. Because this look is for when you need to look professional, you needn’t colour your bangs with a bright colour. Use a purple or a wine hair colour if you want.

i) After you’ve coloured your bangs, wash it out and dry thoroughly

ii)  Straighten your hair but keep your bangs swept on one side of your face for an emo look

iii) Tie your uncoloured hair into a proper bun, making sure to keep the bangs swept to one side

Be a trendsetter for funky hair in office!

The Emo Pigtails:

If you’re looking for a funky emo look for your day out with friends, this is what you need. After you’ve got a layered haircut, choose whether to colour just your bangs or your whole head of hair.

i) Straighten all your hair

ii) Tie your hair in pigtails but make sure you leave some hair out of the pigtails for that emo look

This hairstyle looks great on girls with thinner hair. Go ahead and make your friends envy your new look.

5. The Emo Pixie:

For this look you need a layered pixie haircut.

i) Colour your layered hair in different shades of the same colour

ii) Wash it out, dry your hair and straighten them

iii) Keep your hair parting a little deeper than usual to give it more volume around your bangs in the front

Five different yet easy looks to provide you all the Emo feels you need!

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