5 Hairstyles for Straightened Hair.

There’s not much you can do with straight hair besides let it be right? Wrong. There are plenty of straight hair styles out there just waiting to be tried out by you.

So, you’ve gone to the parlour and gotten your hair straightened. For the first few days after the procedure, you will just enjoy looking at your poker straight tresses but soon you get bored. You begin to think that curly and wavy hair are so much more fun because a lot can be done in way of styling.

But here’s the good news, we present 5 hairstyles for straightened hair that you can try pronto.

1. Basic and Beautiful

- Start by parting your hair in the middle

- From one side, take roughly a one inch section of your hair in front and smooth it behind

- Secure this section with a bobby pin

- Repeat this for the other side

2. One Side Back Twist

- The first step is to make a good side part; a deep one

- Now go to the side of your head with lesser hair and hold a small section

- Twist that section backwards

- Secure it with bobby pins

3. Half Up

- Begin by making a good side part

- Pull your hair to the back but leave some strands loose out front

- Pinch the hair at the back to hold and pouf; this will give more volume

- Use bobby pins to secure it in place


4. Two Side Braids

- Begin by braiding a wee section of your hair and securing it at the back of your head with bobby pins

- Now braid a section of your hair which is right below the first

- Secure this braid with the other one using bobby pins

5. Forehead Scarf

- Folding a scarf lengthwise so that its width is about 3 inches

- Now simply give your forehead a good wrap with the scarf

- Knot the scarf at the back of your head; never on the side

Take care of your straightened hair with a mild product like Pantene and just have fun styling your tresses! 

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