5 Simple & Stylish Korean Hairstyles For Men

I think Korean men sport the coolest hairstyles. They have the bone structure and most of them have thick hair. I don’t think I’ve seen a bald Korean man, yet. How about trying out some of their hairstyles for yourself?

There are many who want to emulate these cool dudes, but not everyone can manage to get that swagger. You can perhaps start with a Korean hairstyle and work your way up.

We scoured the Internet of all things and picked out some of the coolest and easiest hairstyles for you to try. Before you jump in, will your salon guy be able to replicate these? If not, start by finding yourself a talented and eager-to-experiment salon, and you will be able to flaunt a Korean haircut with cool ease.

5 Must Try Korean Hairstyles For Men

#1 Short and spicy, umm, spiky

Short and spicy, umm, spiky

The name is self-explanatory, really.

  • Ask your salon to give you a short, jagged edge haircut.
  • Styling it is easy.
  • Rub a good amount of holding gel in your hands.
  • Run your fingers and hands through your hair, making sure all strands are coated.
  • Carefully arrange your hair to make it look careless.
  • Hands off until it dries.

#2 Mohawk


Some people say this was started as a punk hairstyle. I say if you look good in it, you ain’t no punk, dude.

  • Cut the hair on the sides and back really short. You can also run a trimmer to get the close cut look.
  • Don’t shorten the crown too much.
  • Again, take a large dollop of holding gel, and apply it to your hair, focussing on the crown area.
  • Run your fingers from the roots to the tips, pulling gently upwards.
  • Again, hands off until the gel sets.
  • You’re set, punk! 

#3 The two block

The two block

Another Korean hairstyle men can try is the two-block. This is slightly similar to the Mohawk, but less punky.

  • Trim the hair on the sides and back really close to your scalp.
  • Leave the crown area fairly untouched.
  • Deposit a generous amount of gel into your hair.
  • Pull you hair up, but don’t stick them close together as you would do in the Mohawk.
  • Allow the strands to hang about in an unruly fashion while trying to look cool.

#4 The Curtain Fringe

The Curtain Fringe

Ladies will dig this! Look cool, hot, sensitive, roguish and sulky, all together. What’s not to like?

  • Let the hair at your brow be longer than the rest of your mop.
  • Ask your salon to cut it at an angle so it curves slightly to one side when you style it.
  • Rub in styling gel into freshly-washed, slightly damp hair (we like to use Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care).
  • Blow dry and arrange your hair so that it covers your brow and stops just above your eyes.

#5 Dandy


Before you snigger, dandy actually means a cool dude, someone who likes to look nice. Don’t you? This is a Korean hairstyle male models flaunt a lot.

  • The back and sides are cropped short, leaving the crown thick.
  • If you have wavy or curly hair you can skip the next step.
  • Perm the crown area to add texture and volume.
  • You can also give it a dash of a lighter colour for attitude.
  • Use a styling wax to keep the strands carelessly in place.

Five amazing Korean hairstyles – which of these are you bold enough to try?

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