5 Chic Interview Hairstyles You Must Invest Your Time In

Stressed about that upcoming job interview? Besides your education and experience, your look will also play an important part in securing that dream job. Don’t fret, we have some sophisticated job interview hairstyles that will up your game.

These hairstyles for job interview are not only time-saving but also quite simple. We are sure even you’ll be surprised at how you were able to transform your look from casual to professional in a matter of minutes. Bingo! Another skill added to your life skills. Try out these trendy interview hairstyles now, and thank us later.

5 Trending Hairstyles For Job Interview:

1. The Easy Twisty Bun

Amongst all the hairstyles for interviews, this is our favourite not only because of its simplicity but also sheer elegance.

The Easy Twisty Bun


  1. Wash your hair with Pantene Pro-V Silky Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner so that they are clean and ready for you to style
  2. Start by separating two strands of hair from the rest on both sides of your face
  3. Twist them and tie them at the back near the nape of your neck
  4. Take two more strands from where you had twisted the earlier ones and twist them as well till the nape of your neck
  5. Now take the 2nd twisted hair strands under and over the previous ones and then tie them into a bun. Your Twisty bun is ready!

2. The Two-Step Braid Bun:

If you’re looking for the easiest of hairstyles for an interview, this one is for you!

The Two-Step Braid Bun


  1. Make a braid and tie it with a band
  2. Roll your braid upwards towards your neck for a braided bun

3. The Open Hair Barrette:

A simple, stylish, young and elegant hairdo. Need we say more?

The Open Hair Barrette


  1. Section your hair from above both the ears like you would do for a half head bun
  2. Tie this section of your hair up with a simple coloured barrette and voila, you’re done!

4. The Elegant Pony:

Ponies are generally seen as a casual and fun hairstyle. The elegant pony on the other hand adds an element of professionalism to your look.

The Elegant Pony


  1. Tie your hair in a pony which is not too high, but not too low near the neck either
  2. Now heat up your curler and divide your pony into two sections
  3. Curl one section inwards, and the other outwards and tighten it up to get more defined curls
  4. Manage flyaways by applying some gel on your hair to get that sleek look
  5. Your elegant pony is ready and so are you!

5. Side Braid Pony

This hairdo sounds complex, but is actually one of the easiest and quickest hairstyles you can make for your job interview.

Side Braid Pony


  1. Take a thick strand of hair from one side of your face and braid it
  2. Tie a side pony including the braid
  3. Your side braid pony is ready.

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