4 Must Know Benefits Of Potato Juice For Maintaining The Hair Health

It’s true. No one ever saw a potato and thought ‘hey, I wonder what that might do to my hair!’ Except someone did, and we can’t thank her (or a very mane-nurturing him) enough.

You see, potatoes come loaded with essential nutrients that make it the perfect antidote for all hair woes. From dryness and split ends to dandruff and hair loss, they are the hero. So if you’re looking for simple, natural ways to nourish and maintain your hair, rest assured, this is your answer. Depending on what your specific hair concern is though, you’d have to get a little creative with the way you use potato for hair.

4 Ways To Use Potato For Gorgeous Hair

Potato water for hair growth:

  • Let’s start with the simplest one. All you have to do is take 3-4 potatoes and boil them in water.
  • Once done, wait for it to cool and use the water to rinse your hair before washing it off with your Pantene Pro-V Long Black Shampoo and conditioner.
  • Doing this regularly makes hair grow faster and also helps maintain your hair.

Potato juice for dandruff:  

  • Now if dandruff or itchiness is your complaint, you’re going to want to grate a couple of potatoes, extract the juice and add a teaspoon of lemon juice to the mix.
  • Now apply the mixture on your scalp, making sure to cover every square inch, and massage for a few minutes.
  • Once done, let it sit for about 20 minutes before rinsing with shampoo and conditioner.
  • Doing this at least once or twice a week (depending on the intensity of the dandruff infestation), should help get rid of dandruff and maintain your hair.

Potato hair mask for hair loss:

  • In the case of severe hair loss or even dryness, you might want to try this very easy to make potato juice and aloe vera hair mask.
  • As usual, grate a couple of potatoes and extract the juice.
  • Now if you can get hold of an aloe vera plant, nothing like it.
  • They are super low maintenance, easily available, and extracting the gel directly from the plant is always preferable to the packaged variety.
  • Run a blade through the aloe leaf and extract the gel.
  • Mix this with your potato juice and apply evenly through your hair and scalp.
  • Leave it on for about half an hour at least, before rinsing off with shampoo and conditioner.
  • Repeat once every week, or as often as you please.
  • Aloe is an excellent natural moisturizer loaded with nutrients for hair growth.

Potato juice for healthy hair:

  • Another nutrient loaded combo is potato juice, honey and egg white.
  • As always, grate potatoes and extract the juice.
  • Add a table spoon of honey and one egg white and beat it till you reach a convenient consistency.
  • Spread it evenly through hair and scalp, and wait for half an hour to forty-five minutes before rinsing off with shampoo and conditioner.
  • This is an all-round power pack meant to address concerns such as dry or brittle hair, hair loss and even dandruff to some extent.

There you go. Simple enough, yes? Try any of these but stick to it for the long haul if you want to see results.

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