3 Must Try Short Hairstyles For Oval Face

Short and trendy or smart and chic are all synonyms for oval and angular. If you have an oval face, and are looking for some new looks, you are on the right page.

Trendy hairstyles were made for oval faces. The angle of the jaw, the proportion of the face and the personality of the girl (in this case, you) all combine to give a dash of stop-and-turn-your-head-to-look-at-me with any one of these short hairstyles for oval faces.

Are you ready to hold up traffic with these haircuts for oval faces?

3 Short & Trendy Hairstyles For Oval Faces:

#1 Bang bang!

Bang bang!

You can start by trying some bangs. Not the little girl type; you’ve outgrown those; but the messier, tousled look of a young woman. This is a brave and yet one of the classier hairstyles for oval faces.


  1. Comb your hair forward instead of on the side.
  2. Cut the hair in rough bangs, keeping a few strands longer than the others.
  3. Make sure the hair is not long enough to go into your eyes or you’ll be forever pushing it back.
  4. The hair on the side can be chopped till up to your ears.
  5. When styling, use a gentle holding mousse and rub it in your damp hair, running your fingers through it.

#2 Go asymmetrical

Go asymmetrical

You can totally take advantage of the slim bone structure that you were born with. And if you have straight hair, guess who pulled the winning card at the gene pool.


  1. Get yourself a bob, with a difference.
  2. Cut the hair on one side as you would with a bob, not going below your jaw line.
  3. Go really short on the other side, asking the stylist to give you an undercut with a trimmer.
  4. Rub in some product in your damp hair and using a round brush and a dryer, turn the longer hair inwards.
  5. If you’re not feeling brave to go with a near-shave on one side, you can just opt for an uneven bob as seen in the photograph.

#3 The short crop

The short crop

One of the best hairstyles for oval faces is this short crop. But you need to be really fearless to carry it off. And you know you can. It is a stunning way to show off those high cheekbones


  1. Go as short as you can dare to. The more hair you lop off, the better this cut looks.
  2. Give the cut layers and varying lengths to make it chic.
  3. When styling it, be generous with the mousse and rub it well on your hair.
  4. Run your fingers through it, set it casually or go sleek like shown here.
  5. And you are ready to rock.

Which of these three oval face hairstyles are you going to go with first? Remember to include Pantene Pro-V Silky Smooth Care in your beauty kit for hair that shines with health.

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