Top 3 Short Hairstyles For Square Face That You Must Try

Did you know that square faces are the easiest to choose a hairstyle for? You are not trying to hide anything; in fact, with the cut you flaunt, you can show off your excellent bone structure for all to admire.

How do you know that you have a square face? Look in the mirror and assess your face. If the width and height are the same (not down to the exact mm), you have a square face. Plus that jawline; you cannot mistake that strong jawline for anything else.

The beauty of deciding on short hairstyles for square faces is that you can carry off pretty much anything, with minor precautions.

Whether you have straight hair or curly, voluminous or not, there is a whole basket, no, a treasure box, of hairstyles for you to pick.

3 Short Hairstyles That Women With Square Face Should Definitely Try:

#1 Soft and wispy

This is one of those square face haircuts that will soften the edges and give a soft, feminine appeal to a strong confident woman. You can be quite the misleading fox, can’t you?


  1.  Get yourself an asymmetrical cut.
  2.  Keep the hair on top heavy and gradually thin down the ends.
  3.  Do not let your hair travel beyond your jawline.
  4.  When styling your hair, cover the forehead with carefully-placed strands that soften the look.
  5.  Frame your face with your hair in a random fashion to make it less square and more oval.

#2 Pixie, with a twist

By now you must know that we love the pixie cut. What else can we do; it is one of the funkiest and coolest haircuts to have. And one of the most versatile, that can be carried off with panache by nearly every face on the planet.


  1.  Go with this look only if you have thick, poker straight hair.
  2.  Cut your hair in layers, giving it an asymmetrical finish at the ends.
  3.  Instead of going short on all sides, leave the hair on one side longer.
  4.  Take a generous quantity of hair mousse and rub it into your damp hair.
  5.  Using a round brush, style the longer strands backwards and to the side, forming an elegant quiff.
  6.  Finish it off with a strong holding spray.

This is the coolest among all hairstyles for square faces which will break the square lines of your face and give you a completely new look.

#3 The asymmetrical bob

This is one of the square face hairstyles that will break the pattern, break rules, break conventions. Basically, let you be you, right?


  1.  This works best for thick and curly hair; wavy is also fine. So, either you’re born with it, or get ready to give yourself some curls every day.
  2.  Start with choosing the parting; it has to be to one side and not the middle.
  3.  Cut one side of your hair up to the jawline, letting the other side be noticeably longer.
  4.  Square is suddenly no longer square; balanced is suddenly no longer balanced.
  5.  Take a generous amount of mousse and scrunch up the hair.
  6.  Blow dry it to set it in place. And keep your hands off it.

Pick any one of these three haircuts for square faces. You will look absolutely gorgeous in either. To make sure your hair looks shiny and glossy at all times, add Pantene Pro-V Silky Smooth Care Shampoo to your beauty regime.Also, check out 10 amazing benefits of coffee for hair health so that you can try different hairstyles here.

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