3 Short Hairstyles That Women With Round Face Can Try

Round faces look cute. And when paired with the right haircut the appeal is undeniable!

If you have a round face, you have no idea how adorable you look. Or maybe you do, having been receiving compliments since forever! Or did you get traumatised as chubby-faced? Aww, you poor thing!

You know what, you can easily snub those narrow faces (and narrow minds) by sporting an uber-cool hairstyle that a round face, and only a round face, can rock.

You can go all out with short hairstyles for round faces that will show-off the stunner that you are. Plus, it’s almost summer; so you can totally cool it off with any of these three short haircuts for round faces.

The beauty of trying short hair for round face cuts is that you can play a lot. You can change the parting, experiment with textures and colours, and try on small hair accessories too. Let’s have some fun, shall we?

3 Short Hairstyles & Haircuts For Round Faces:

#1 Pixie

The pixie is an all-time favourite of mine. This is the coolest haircut, figuratively and literally, to have for summer. And it will show off your cute face to the hilt!

If you just ask your stylist to give you a pixie cut, chances are she will need no further explaining. But here are the steps, just in case:


  1.  Cut the hair in layers so that it gives an edge to the round face.
  2.  Go short, really short; even above your ears, if you want.
  3.  Let the edges be at varying heights to add an element of casual chic.
  4.  Create an asymmetrical fringe in the front if you want to look impish.
  5.  Rub some product into your damp hair and just run your fingers through it.
  6. This dramatic hairstyle can be created every day with no fuss and in no time at all.

#2 For girls with curls

Are you blessed with curly hair? Yes, blessed; even though your hair might seem to be your worst nightmare. Do you have any idea of how many women wish they had curls? Count your blessings and just follow these steps. Btw, this is among my favourite short layered haircuts for round faces.


  1.  Ask your stylist to cut your hair in layers.
  2.  Do not go above your ears for this look.
  3.  Make a side parting, as far to one side as you want to.
  4.  Take some mousse (we love our products!) in your hands.
  5.  Scrunch up your hair with this to really bring out the curls.
  6.  Blow dry it into place, and keep your hands off it for the rest of the day!

#3 Asymmetrical side sweep

We’ve kept the edgiest short haircuts for women with round faces for the end. If you’re feeling brave or just want to shed the old look from winter, this is a must-try. It is soft and feminine, and at the same time, a stopper. This hairstyle works best for straight, smooth hair.


  1.  Style your hair in a typical bob, with a centre or side parting.
  2.  Instead of keeping both sides identical, sweep all the hair to one side.
  3.  If you’re feeling braver, you can ask the stylist to run a trimmer and contrast with an undercut on the opposite side
  4.  Trim the hair in front to create bangs that must be styled in the direction of the swept hair.

Short hair is very easy to maintain. Use a trusted shampoo like Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Repair to keep it nourished. Indulge, pamper and flaunt your looks, darling. There’s nobody who can do it better.Also, check out 7 step puff hairstyle tutorial here at our blog.

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