3 Must Try Short Hairstyles For Long Face

Why the long face? Do you know how many seriously amazing hairstyles you can try?

If you keep in mind some tips while choosing a look, you can find hundreds of hairstyles for long faces. And it doesn't matter whether your hair is straight or curly, or whether it is thick or fine.

Remember to choose a hairstyle that makes your face look rounder or oval, and doesn’t accentuate the length. Waves and curls are an excellent idea (aren't they always?). And never, ever, get convinced to try a hair updo. You really don't want to create the illusion of more height, do you?

So Here Are Our 3 Short Hairstyles For Long Faces That You Must Definitely Try

#1 A shaggy bob

A shaggy bob

By its very name you will know that this isn’t your typical neat and tidy bob. It works very well with your face cut because you can add some oomph to a hairstyle that is usually very neat and ‘correct’.


  1. This is one of those long face hairstyles that work best for wavy or curly hair.
  2. Get yourself a choppy bob, making sure you do not go below the jaw level.
  3. It’s fine if some strands are slightly longer than others. That’s the whole point of a shaggy cut.
  4. When styling your hair, make a side parting to break the symmetry of your face.
  5. Apply generous amounts of mousse to your damp hair and scrunch up the ends.
  6. Run your fingers through for a tousled look.

#2 Bangs baby, bangs

Bangs baby, bangs

The best way to shorten (or shorten the appearance of) length is to add width. And one of the best ways to do that is with bangs. Done well, bangs can make your forehead smaller, immediately making your face look less longer.


  1. This hairstyle is ideal for straight hair.
  2. You can choose the length as per your preference, not going beyond chin length though. Sorry, but that’s just the way you can keep your long face from looking too long.
  3. Take the hair in the front and give it a neat and clean cut right across your forehead.
  4. When styling your hair, make a centre part, for symmetry, and make sure your bangs are perfectly aligned.

#3 Curly is the way

Curly is the way

The best way to hide the long face is to get some curls. If you already have curls, flaunt them. Curls naturally fluff out and add the width you need to contrast the long. This is one of the short haircuts for long faces that you must try.


  1. Don’t let your hair grow beyond chin level for this hairstyle to work well.
  2. Cut your hair in layers, staying thin at the top to prevent a pile-up.
  3. After you wash it Pantene Pro-V Lively Clean shampoo, apply some mousse to your tresses.
  4. Style it using a curling wand to add more emphasis and width to those locks.

These are some of the best hairstyles for long faces. What’s it going to be first?

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