3 New Ponytail Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

Most of the classy and chic hairstyles seem to be either for long or short locks; not for medium length hair. Ponytails fill that void with style.

While ponytails have always been the hairstyles mothers make their daughters wear to school, much to their daughters’ displeasure, that trend has now changed. Yes, now women, not just girls, are strutting their style statements with ponytails as integral parts of their images. More so for medium length hair, which does not have a huge plethora of styling options available. Nowadays, there are so many funky ponytail hairstyles out there. And these are not hairstyles that are reserved just for the weekend house cleaning session; these are ponytails that look unbelievably glam and chic too. Take a look at these 3 stylish yet super easy ponytail hairstyles for medium hair:

Braided Ponytail

Braided ponytail hairstyles look classy yet fresh. Try a rope braid in case you’re not a fan of the French braid. This is one of those ponytails that can be executed in under 5 minutes. Simply secure your hair in either a medium or low ponytail, split your hair into two distinct sections, twist each of the sections, and then twist them around each other all the way down. That done, secure it with a band!

Curly Side Ponytail

This is a really fabulous looking ponytail hairstyle. And best of all, it’s as simple as gathering your hair up high in a side ponytail. However, if you want to get creative, break out your curling iron and begin by curling small sections until your normal ponytail morphs into a bunch of beautiful curls! Take it a step ahead and stretch a couple of strands to give the impression of cascades. Use hairspray to set it all in place.

Frizzy Low Ponytail

When you try this ponytail you are trying a hairstyle that’s setting the runway on fire! That’s because high fashion designers are greatly favouring the frizzy low ponytail for their models. It’s quirky, simple and crazy but there’s a secret to getting it right. First, leave the front part of your hair untouched; perfect and shiny as it always is. Now, crimp your ponytail to make it as frizzy as you possibly can. As you’ll be using a lot of gel, go for this style on a day that you’re planning to wash your hair.

So, don’t curse your medium length hair because you can’t do much with it. Just tie it up in any of the above ponytail hairstyles and you should be able to radically change your look within seconds. Best part is, by doing this, you won’t just look like a whole different person, you will feel like one too. Why let the ladies with the long tresses or the short locks have all the fun eh? Read useful beauty tips here.

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