Crowning Glory: 10 Hairstyles For Special Indian Occasions

Special occasions call for traditional sarees, contemporary jewellery, accessories and matching footwear.The complete ensemble is meant to mesmerise guests and turn the spotlight on you. You can up the glam quotient with beautiful hairstyles too.

Most women love to leave their long tresses loose, hanging down their back. Easy to sweep back with the flick of a wrist, play with softly while talking to someone attractive, or simply to feel the joy of carefully-grown hair as you walk among the guests.

But if you want to create a unique look that is classically beautiful, there are many more hairstyles for special occasions that go very well with traditional sarees.

Here are our favourite top 10 hairstyles for Indian women.

1. Simple bun with flowers


A simple bunor chignon is just the right hairdo for a wedding occasion or any traditional event.

2. Plait with flowers


Indian plaits are simple and have been the traditional favourite for years.This style goes wonderfully well with a saree. Use flowers or hair accessories to add more glamour to the look.

3. Fish tail braid


Want a mix of traditional Indian hairstyles and nouveau chic? Try the fish-tail braids for a change.

4. Side braid


The side braid never goes out of style. This classic hairstyle is a take on the more traditional back braid. Pick a side and braid your hair whichever way you want to.

5. Elegant Updo


Hair-dos like a puffed bun immediately add a touch of glamour to your look. You can use boostias to add more volume to your puff. Bumpits and puffs can also work to make your hairdo wok harder.

6. Messy Bun

Messy Bun Hairstyle

Twist and turn and tease your hair into a messy bun for the casually elegant look. Leave out a few strands on the forehead and on the sides for more charm.

7. Front braided low pony

Front Braided Low Pony

This casual look might take some time, but it is worth the effort. It is the perfect hairstyle to pair with a suit or just kurta with jeans.

8. The puff and bun


Tie your hair in a bunch behind and beautify with flowers or a gajra. The puff in front gives your hair volume making your face look longer, giving you an image of a longer neck. When styled with a saree, all you need is some traditional jewellery and a bold lipstick.

9. Messy French braid


Slightly difficult initially, but once mastered, this classy, yet casual, hairstyle is perfect for informal get-togethers with the family.

10. Side partitioned puff bun


Looks elegant and classy, this updo is a little tedious to do because it requires neatness. You may require some help but nonetheless looks awesome when done.

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