10 Bridal Hairstyles That Will Surely Mesmerise Your Husband-To-Be & Wedding Guests

When you pull out your album years from today, wouldn’t you want to see a bold, unconventional bride who chose to look different at every given opportunity? Well, a bold statement can be made even with just a gorgeously unconventional bridal hairstyle. Check out our list of amazing bridal hairstyles.

Brides today are no longer bound by the shackles of conventional weddings. There is intermingling of cultures and ceremonies often include functions that are fun, warm, grand and different.

Hair styles for wedding have also taken a turn, with stylists trying out new looks and brides willing to explore and experiment.

Why stick to just conventional bridal hair styles when there are so many options to choose from? You can even sport different hair styles for every function.

Here is our collection of 10 simple, elegant, off-beat and few traditional Indian bridal hairstyles that you can try out for yourself.

1. The open curly long hairstyle10-bridal-hairstyles-1

If you’re blessed with long curly or wavy hair, this hairstyle is the easiest to create. Tease your hair and spray on some hold hairspray. If your hair is straight, you can use curling irons to get those locks. Adorn the parting with a maangtikka to focus the attention on your hair.

2. The long braid

You can try the braided hairstyle if you have long hair. If not, hair extensions can come to your rescue. Keep the braid comfortable – not too loose nor too tight. You can decorate the braid with pearl strands, weaving them in and out of the braids. Use a maangtikka to finish the look.

3. The curly messy braid


You can opt for this hairstyle if you have long hair. If not, use hair extensions. Cut a few bangs on the side and curl them to frame your face. The best part of this hairstyle is that you can really accessorise it. A maangtikka or a side hair accessory combined with some flowers looks gorgeous.

4. The beehive back with open curly hair


This open hairstyle is lovely for one of the other wedding functions. It is slightly complex and you will need the help of a stylist on your wedding day. Separate two sections of hair from the crown area and tease them with a styling comb. Use a spray to keep the hairstyle in place. You can also curl up the locks a bit.

5. Coiled curled half up half down hairstyle


Slightly messy, this hairstyle is trending quite a bit today. Tease the hair at the crown and let your locks hang loose at the back. You can accessorise your hair with flowers or decorative jewellery.

6. Beehive floral chignon


Go back a few decades with this retro look hairstyle.It’s very easy to achieve and you can bring the hairstyle to life with some floral accessories. Gather the bangs and set them in place with pins.

7. Wispy banged hairstyle with back beehive


This is ideal if you’re having a Christian wedding and plan on wearing a veil. Add on some hair accessories to create this look without much difficulty.

8. Braided chignon with vintage curls


Instead of a normal bun, why not try something new? This braided chignon with tight, vintage curls has been made immensely popular with celebrities carrying it off at red carpet events.

9. The South Indian floral hairstyle


South Indian bride hairstyles aren’t complete without flowers. Braid your hair and wind garlands of flowers around it. You can adorn the parting with a decorative maang tikka.

10. Messy buns


The perfect hairstyle for wedding functions, the messy bun is a twist to the normal buns. Add some flowers, let the curls hang loose and you will have heads turning to you as you move about the room.

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