10 Explore-Worthy Benefits Of Almond Oil For Hair

Monsoon is a time when our hair refuses to conform to our hopes and demands. However much you try to keep them in place, they always end up looking frizzy, dry and all over the place. Almond oil can be very helpful in this phase, let us tell you how exactly.

Almond oil for hair growth is a well-known fact, but do you know the other benefits of using almond oil for hair? It is full of vitamins E, D, A and B complex as well.

We have listed for you some almond oil for hair benefits, which not only allow you to take control of your unruly hair, but also give them the nutrition they were lacking. Happy hair almost often leads to a happier you, right? 

10 Benefits Of Almond Oil For Hair:

1. Almond Oil For A Healthy Scalp:

  • Stronger roots mean longer tresses. All you need to do is massage an appropriate quantity of almond oil into your scalp for 15 minutes.
  • Continue your chores while it goes deep into your scalp and works it magic.
  • Wash off with a shampoo after a while. 

2. No More Split Ends:

This is the perfect remedy to treat split ends. 

  • Use a concoction of almond, castor and olive oil in equal amounts and massage your slightly wet hair with it.
  • Repeat it twice a week for a few months and see your split ends disappear.  

3. As A Leave In Conditioner:

Almond oil is a great substitute for an anti-frizz serum. Gently massage in your scalp and hair a few drops and have total control of them!

4. To Treat Dandruff:

  • Almond oil removes dead cells and promotes the growth and repair of old cells.
  • To get rid of dandruff, you should mix a tbsp. of amla powder with some almond oil and leave on your hair for an hour. This will ensure the end of dandruff and dry hair as well.

5. Almond Oil For Hair Loss:

Almond oil is a great way to treat hair loss as it supplies your hair with the necessary vitamins needed for re-growth of hair. 

  • Just mix almond oil and castor oil in equal parts and apply to your hair for an hour.
  • Rinse your hair thoroughly with Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care shampoo and conditioner as it cleans your hair without drying them out. 

6. Soothes Scalp Infections:

  • Because our hair and scalp are exposed to so many pollutants and irritants all throughout the day, it is hard to avoid scalp infections.
  • Irritation and itching as well as inflammation is a common experience with scalp infections.
  • A couple of drops of this wonder oil will soothe and cure this pesky problem for good!

7. To Enhance Shine:

You’ve always wanted shinier and healthier hair, and here’s the easiest and best way to have them. 

  • Take an equal quantity of olive oil and almond oil and mix them together.
  • Massage your hair and scalp with the concoction for at least 10 minutes.
  • Repeat this twice a week for a few months and you’ll experience a star-like shine and volume in your hair.

8. For Softer Hair:

  • To experience silky soft hair, you’ll need to make a thick paste of water and henna powder.
  • Keep this mixture overnight and in the morning, add 2 eggs and 2 tbsp. of almond oil and let it be for 15 minutes.
  • You need to apply the mixture all over your hair and scalp, and leave it to dry.
  • Wash your hair and let them dry naturally. Your hair would never have felt softer in your life. Bet?

9. For Stronger Hair:

What all do we girls do to be proud owners of a head of thick and strong hair.

  • You’ll need to mix 2 tbsp. of almond oil with an egg yolk and pour about 2-3 drops of jojoba oil to the mixture.
  • Add a little lukewarm water and apply to your hair while it’s a little wet.
  • Leave for an hour and wash it off with a shampoo. 

10. To Treat Dry Hair:

  • Almond oils moisturising traits make it the best sealant oil for your hair.
  • It gives your hair the extra nourishment it needs plus it also enhances its look and texture.
  • Once you massage a few drops of it thoroughly, it will penetrate your hair shaft and moisturise it from within.

Almond oil has tons of skin care benefits along with hair care. Check out some interesting benefits of almond oil for skin here at our blog.

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